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What sets our World Maps apart: We are professional Geographers and GIS Scientists that took extraordinary time to make comprehensive maps. We feature real oceanography, cultural references, landmarks, historical voyages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and much more! Use our world travel map as a pin board map or beautiful wall map. We invested in the best equipment and built the nation's best Map Production Center. Made in the USA by a USA Small Business (rather than mass or cheap production), we produce Museum-Quality Fine Art Maps - so you will be delighted with our work for years to come.

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World Push Pin Travel Maps

Our World Push Pin Maps feature ancient civilizations, famous voyages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and much more! Use a Push Pin World Map to plan, track, and explore fascinating sites throughout our diverse planet. Create a perosonalized world push pin travel map!


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Push Pin World Map Overview

The details matter:  Our products are created by a professional Geographer and Cartographer who has the passion and experience (Master's in GIS and Environmental Science) to create impressive maps for your home decor or office. We highly recommend our professional made maps that use GIS and understand the massive amount of accurate information that is necessary for a great map.

What are the differences between each world travel map?

The main differences are the colors and cartographic styles. The informative details (labeling) are the same throughout the maps with a few exceptions:  

The Voyager 2 includes snow/ice modeling. We use the MODIS satellite from February to show the snow/ice landscape - which you can see in the northern hemisphere.

The Voyager 1 excludes the snow/ice modeling, so you can visualize the elevation and landscape of the terrain.

The Magellan World Map features additional facts about Ferdinand Magellan's epic voyage around the world.

The Voyager, Nautilus, Magellan, and Darwin World Maps include modeling of the landscape and terrain (desert, forests, flat lands, and more) and elevation features - which illustrate the mountainous regions. We applied a hillshade to model the sunlight at 3 p.m. consistently around the world. The hillshade provides a 3D effect. It is a flat surface - yet looks 3D due to the incredible modeling technique.

The Voyager, Nautilus, and Magellan World Maps include all 63 USA National Parks (as of January 2022). In addition, all of these maps include several renowned National Parks around the world.

The Endeavor, USS Enterprise, Humboldt, and Columbus World Maps provide a classic look at Earth without terrain modeling. Each of these maps depicts beautiful cartographic styles - from modern, sleek designs to antique designs that depict the character of old-world maps.  

All of the maps feature our ocean floor elevation modeling derived from NOAA oceanic data. This data illustrates the formations of islands, archipelagos, plate tectonics, and ocean currents.  

World Map Push Pin Boards are used for

Our world maps are designed as reference of the world - to visualize the geography of our plant - from countries, cities, oceanography and more. 

Fine Art Map Production Studio: We produce all of our maps as Fine Art Museum-Quality work. We use premium materials for rich color depth and select the best media that is ideal for maps. After all our research and work in cartography, only the best printing production is acceptable. We built the finest Map Studio in the USA to produce our maps. Due to the intricate details and labeling, we tested hundreds of materials and found the best material and invested in high-performance printing equipment. We produced a dedicated environment that is essential for a top-quality maps.  

All of our Framed Maps are built as a Push Pin Map and mounted on a high-quality pin board. The map is embedded into the pin board for a lasting bond that will not separate or warp (as in lesser quality constructions). The maps are beautiful pieces of cartography that show Earth's natural beauty and complexity. Use pins to mark places you have visited, plan to visit, or mark where your family heritage came from. Your friends and family will enjoy They are a popular way to track your travels and decorate your home or office. Push pin world maps come in a variety of styles and materials, including canvas, paper, and cork. The maps can be personalized with custom titles, legend items, quotes, and phrases. Here are some of the benefits of using a world map with push pins.

  • Track and plan your adventures around the world.
  • Track flights, airports, cruise ports and tour destinations.
  • Track historical locations - that you researched.
  • Use the map as a Geography Game - track your knowledge!  
  • Display the world as a beautiful and an intellectual piece of wall art.
  • Share your adventures as a story with your friends and family.
  • Reference the maps as a fun and educational tool for children.
  • Perfect gift for friends, family, or coworkers.

If you are looking for a unique and personal way to track your travels, or a gift to give to others, our cartographic and geographic details are the top notch. To top it off, we assist with custom touches and have a number of styles to suite everyone's tastes and preferences.

World Map Posters are also offered as an option. We produce all of our maps are Fine Artwork. The maps are rolled in a tube to eliminate creases and damage. You can frame the map locally and apply a DIY pin board mounting method that suits your abilities. The prints can also be enjoyed as wall art and in this manner, the map can be framed with a standard frame.

Other Common Names for Push Pin World Maps

Push Pin World Maps can go by a variety of names, depending on who you’re talking to. Don’t even get us started about to hyphen or not to hyphen. All jokes aside, here is a list of some of the most commonly used phrases for push pin maps you’ll come across.

  • World map pin board
  • DIY Push Pin Map
  • Travel pin maps
  • World pin maps
  • Interactive world maps
  • Markable world maps
  • Pinnable world maps
  • Push pin travel maps
  • World explorer maps
  • Wanderlust maps
  • Adventure maps
  • Travel journal maps
  • Travel memory maps
  • Travel tracker maps
  • Maps with pins
  • Map of travels with pins
  • World travel maps

Some people also refer to push pin world maps as push pin maps pin maps for short. So what do you call them? Whichever name you use, push pin world maps are a great way to track your travels and create a lasting memory of your adventures.

world travel map with pins

Detailed References in our World Maps

Our products are perfect for tracking past & future travels, and learning more about the world.

All of our detailed World Maps include:

✪ Geographic and historic commentary
✪ Wonders of the World highlights over 100 fascinating places on Earth
★ Exceptional National Parks around the World
▲Tallest Peaks on every continent (special annotation)
❃ Named oceanic tectonic ridges and basins
✪ Our accurate terrain and ocean floor elevation modeling

Voyager, Nautilus, and Magellan also include:

▲ Detailed Terrains for Mountains
✦ Elevation and Landscape Modeling (Deserts & Tropical)
❆ Climate Modeling for snow-covered regions and sea ice

✔ The major US National Parks (63)

All Framed World Pin Board Maps include:

  • The maps are well packaged and delivered in a large box.
  • Every framed map is mounted on a pin board using a large machinery to embed the map.
  • A case of 500 multi-colored push pins and pin storage case.
  • A fun guide on how to get started with your Push Pin World Map.

12 Ways To Use Push Pin World Maps


Push-pin maps are not only practical for tracking travels but also quite interesting in their own right. Here are some fun and interesting facts about push-pin maps:

  1. Endless Customization: Push-pin maps are highly customizable. You can use different colored pins to represent various aspects of your travels, such as visited places, dream destinations, and places you plan to visit in the future. Further, you can use push pins to track the destinations of others, or the locations of events such as concerts, games, conferences, businesses and so much more. If you’re looking for a customizable solution, push pin world maps are an option that should be high on your list of options.

  2. A Visual Travel Diary: These maps can serve as a visual travel diary, allowing you to relive your adventures and memories by simply looking at the map and the pins you've placed. The variety of colors in the pins helps to distinguish activity types, making a clear visual image of where one has been, where one want to go,Push-pin and where future events are happening.

  3. Educational Tool: Push-pin maps are not just for personal use; they can be educational tools as well. They are often used in classrooms to teach geography and world history. Teachers can use them to illustrate geographical concepts and engage students in interactive learning. Anything that can positively capture the attention of the students is a plus for the teachers and the students alike.

  4. Unique Decor: Many people use push-pin maps as decorative pieces in their homes, offices, reception areas, and conference rooms. They add a unique and personal touch to the interior decor while also serving as a conversation starter. How dull is a room with nothing but paint especially an interior room without windows and natural light? Push pin world maps can make an impact fast.

  5. Planning Future Adventures: In addition to marking places you've been, push-pin maps can be used to plan future trips. You can use different pins or markers to indicate places on your travel bucket list, activities like concerts or races that might take place in the future, track a series of events, or denote a series of places you might wish to go, like national parks.

  6. Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts: Push-pin maps make excellent gifts for friends and family members who love to travel. They're thoughtful and can inspire wanderlust. They’re also great ways to show friends and visitors a visual representation of where travelers have already been. What a great conversation starter!

  7. Great for Journaling: Some people combine their push-pin maps with travel journals, recording their experiences and thoughts about each destination on the map. It's a creative way to document your journeys. The visual element of the push pin maps resonates with those who are more creative and less likely to read.

  8. Variety of Map Styles: Push-pin maps come in various styles and designs, including vintage maps, modern maps, and maps with artistic elements. You can choose one that aligns with your taste, the décor of the room or to fit specific functionality needs.

  9. Community and Sharing: In the age of social media, many people share their push-pin maps online to connect with fellow travelers. It's a way to exchange travel stories, recommendations, and experiences. The perfect selfie is waiting with every push of the pin!

  10. Business Applications: Push-pin maps are not limited to personal use. They are also used by businesses. For example, in the travel industry push pin maps are used to display the locations of their branches, customer reviews, or popular destinations. Businesses with lots of locations can denote different territories, franchise owners, service levels and so much more. There is no end to the diversity of how a push pin world map can be used with the variety of materials, frame options, pin colors, and customizable designs of the map itself.

  11. Map Art: Some artists create intricate and artistic push-pin maps, turning them into works of art. These maps may incorporate different materials and techniques to create visually stunning pieces. Map art for world push pin maps is just another great example of how many possibilities there are for those looking for customizable map options.

  12. Track Unique Achievements: Beyond marking visited countries or cities, people often use push-pin maps to track unique achievements, such as completing a certain number of national parks or visiting all the continents. From the mainstream to the obscure, your push pin map can help you track almost anything that ties to a geographical location in future, present, or past periods.

Push-pin maps are more than just a practical tool; they can be a source of inspiration, a reflection of one's wanderlust, and a means of connecting with others who share a love for exploration and adventure. They are also interesting interior décor pieces and can liven up offices, conference rooms, classrooms, lobbies, living rooms, spare rooms, and more.


Personalize Your World Push Pin Map

You can choose between various titles, fonts and framing options for your World Travel Map. Add your family name or favorite quote to the title or compass so that your map is truly one of a kind.

You can read more about our map customization options with our custom examples.

map of travels with pins

Sizes & Finish Types

Our maps can be ordered in a variety of sizes and will accommodate any space within your home or office. Take a look at the video below to see a side by side comparison of our sizes.

We offer maps in three finish types: framed satin paper, framed canvas and canvas wraps. See the video below for a side by side comparison of our finish types.

Map Specifications

Every component of this product is made in the USA!

Order a satin paper map or canvas map.

Our maps are produced on the highest quality printer, paper, and archival inks for rich color depth. We mount all of our products to gatorboard, a strong material that's designed to last for a lifetime.

maps with pins

The Perfect Gift!

Maps are fun to receive, fun to explore, and fun to cherish.  

They are educational and inspirational!  

They are great for every age, gender, and occasion.

Perfect for weddings.

They are the perfect anniversary gift.  

Mother's Day or Father's Day Gifts!

Give your Grad the World! A World map with pins to mark travels are the perfect for celebrating graduation and starting out in the world.

They are perfect to celebrate a newborns's life in our world!

Perfect for retirement gifts!

We can add Gift Wrap and include a nicely appointed card in your order.

Add a special card message in any of the "Order Notes" and we will prepare it as a special card for your giftee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas & Satin Paper Comparison

Satin Paper Best Use:

  • Modern Museum display, that features an ultra-smooth display surface with our impressive mounting.
  • Beautiful fine art finish that is designed to visualize rich color depth.
  • Good for compressive the comprehensive fine details in the ocean bathymetry.

When compared to the canvas, the satin paper has a very smooth surface, rather than the texture of the canvas.

Canvas Best Use:

  • The texture and feel of the canvas are attractive and offerappearance a more historical appearancehas.
  • Our premium canvas have fine-art giclee satin gloss, which can be touched and resists fingerprints.
  • We use archival HP inks to preserve the details for years to come

.The canas can compete with the labeling in some of the complete areas of the map. All of the labels can read. The smooth surface of the Photo Satin paper would be the preferredthe choice for distinct readability of the labels.


When will my map arrive?

The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map.

General Shipping Times:

East Coast - 5 days after your map has shipped

Central - 4 days after your map has shipped

West Coast - 3 days after your map has shipped

Will there be a hole in my map if I remove a pin?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at GeoJango is about the holes left by moving a push pin after it has been placed on one of the push pin world maps. Specifically, we get asked, “Will there be a visible hole left in the push-pin map?” The simple answer is yes. However, we want everyone to consider that the holes are so small that they would be extremely difficult to see from more than a couple of feet away, even if you knew exactly where to look. So even though there is a hole left from the puncture mark, they are comparatively small and barely noticeable, especially from a normal viewing distance beyond a couple of feet. Further, the integrity of the maps, thanks in part to the materials that are used, are held intact. High-quality materials combined with the small hole size help a lot. So you don’t have to worry about warping or tearing by normal pushing or pulling of the pins from the maps. This is true even with satin paper options. Everyone can rest assured and take comfort that these made-in-America push pin maps are made with the highest quality and will last for years to come.