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Custom Business Wallpaper Map

We include all the following for the term wallpaper: giant wall murals, giant wall prints and posters, fabric adhesive wall decals, peal and stick wall decals.

Materials Options:

  • Fine Art Satin Paper Print Production - No backing, adhesive, nor wallpaper
  • Canvas Print Production - No backing, adhesive, nore wallpaper
  • Fabric Wall Decals with removable adhesive backing (peal and stick wall decals)
  • Glossy Wall Decals with removable adhesive backing (peal and stick wall decals)
  • Dry-Erase Surface with Removable Adhesive Wall Decal (peal and stick wall decals) - note the Dry-Erase is a complex and elaborate production.  

Custom Elements: Title, Logo, Legend

Custom Colors: Preferred Color Pallete (Brand Colors)

*Specific colored features increase the complexity, time, and cost of the map.

Sizes: 4 x 2ft 8in (3:2 Ratio), 10 x 7ft 6in (3:2 Ratio), 5 x 5ft (1:1 Ratio),10 x 10ft (1:1 Ratio)

Price: By square foot

Portfolio of our Projects

Check out some of our past projects!

Portfolio of our Projects

Check out some of our past projects!

Project: Chamber of Economic Development for Buda, Texas - 3 Panel Wall Decal Map

city of commerce map
Easy installation Wallpaper maps

Map:  City Boundary and Streets of Buda Texas

Custom Elements: Custom title, logo, brand colors, GIS Layers

Size:   10 x 10 Feet (spanning 3 panels)

Map Detail:  Labeled steet names , detailed district parks, rivers, and highways.

Material: Wallpaper Decal

Challenge: The economic corporate development office for the city of Buda, Texas wanted a 10ft by 10ft wallpaper map of their city. The goal is to display the growth the city has made in recent years.

Solution: The map is of Buda, Texas with detailed street names and a red star for where the office is located in the city. The map is printed into three panels for easy installtion.

Project: Northwest Line JATC

Map 1: USA Electrical Power Grid of the Continental USA

Map 2: USA Electrical Power Grid of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

Custom Elements: Custom title, logo, legend, and custom GIS layers of the USA Electric Transmission Line Grid

Size: 60 x 40 inches

Map Detail: Custom GIS Layers for Service lines

Material: Fabric Wall Decal

Challenge: Northwest Line (an electric power transmissions line training center) needed a map of the U.S. electric power grid. The customer needed help in locating available and accurate data sources. The composite data required considerable structuring. The map contains over 40,000 different line segments and the legend contains over 500 entries.  

Solution:   Over a 30 day period, our team of highly skilled researchers, GIS analysts, and map designers performed the research to collect the data, analyze the results, produce the feature layers, and design a beautiful map that was quickly approved by the customer.  

This large amount of data and the complex legend required a minimum map size of 60 x 40 inches that spanned two panels.  

Project: Oceanside 99 - Hotel in Ormond Beach, Florida

Map: Community Map of Ormond & Daytona Beach, Flordia

Custom Elements: Custom title, logo, and graphic Illustrations

Size:  10 x 10 ft.

Map Detail: Detailed streets and street labels and points of interest of attractions and services around Ormond and Daytona Beach, Florida.

Material: Fabric Wall Decal

Challenge:  Oceanside 99, a hotel in Ormond Beach, Florida, wanted a beautiful wall map to allow their guests to easily locate and learn about the local community.

Solution: Our team of skilled artisans and GIS analysts worked with the customer to coordinate the design for their showroom. We produced a giant 10 x 10 foot map of  Ormond and Daytona Beach in Florida showing detailed views of the community. The map features street names and fun artistic illustrations of local wildlife. The logo and brand name are included in the top right corner of the map.