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Track your travels and decorate your home with a stunning travel map. 500 multi-colored push pins are included with every map so you can begin celebrating your adventures right away.

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Made by Professional Cartographer and Geographer

Creating the Best Maps starts with expertise

 We like to share the story of what sets our maps apart:  We are not just a printer, or an art company or marketing company or retailer or even a company that likes maps because couldn't find one, so they made one... we often hear and see that we are undersold and out sold due to marketing companies. We know you have choices and we hope you will consider our maps.

As Geographers and GIS Scientists that have researched and made thousands of maps, we know the difference in a well made map. The map projection, the referencing, oceanography, the information in the map - all matters to us and we think it will matter to you as you spend your lifetime with our maps. We particularly label the map for travelers. As world-travelers ourselves, we reference destinations to all corners of the Earth. There are special elements that are made in every map. You may not notice them at first, but over the years, they will guide you in a wealth of information.

Every one of our map designs took months to years to create. To finish our maps, we invested in the best equipment and created the nation's best Map Production Center to produce Museum-Quality Handcrafted Fine Artwork. Our facility is located in Pleasanton, California. We have talented and skilled staff on our team that is dedicated to making a masterpiece for you! Learn more about us here.

Purchasing a map from a small business is not only a practical choice but also a way to invest in craftsmanship, skilled expertise, and supporting small business. It's a decision that connects you to a dedicated team that is working to make a difference in the world while supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship. So, the next time you're giving a gift or looking to decorate your space, consider the unique, handcrafted maps offered our small businesses – we think that you or your gifee will be delighted for years to come.

Why are Push Pin Maps not sold in retail stores?

Most push pin maps are sold directly from the company that makes them for several key reasons:

  1. Making Custom Push Pin Maps in an expensive process that requires investment in a facility, materials, equipment and skilled staff.
  2. Shipping and packaging is expensive. The maps need robust package protection that is formed to fit and eliminate damage. Cost boxes and materials are necessary to ship to person's doorstep.
  3. The profit margins are so small that creating push pin maps is a challenge for any business, let alone 3rd party retailer.
  4. Maps sold on big e-commerce marketplaces are subject to huge marketplace fees and forced to advertised to be found.
  5. Maps sold on big e-commerce marketplaces are subject to sales tax. But, buying directly from small business eliminates state tax when purchasing from a different state. This is called tax exempt inter-state purchases.
  6. There are a lot of bad maps out there that are cheaply made, and sometimes people just want a cheap map or don't know the difference.

GeoJango Maps Creates Companion Geography Products

We are so passionate about Geography that we created a whole line

of geography games and companion material for our maps and for every age.

small travel gift

Attention Geography Fans:

Companion Geography Cards to Challenge your Skills!

Discover, learn, and challenge your friends with information about significant sites around the world. Our deck includes 50 cards, featuring 50 destinations around the world, trivia and game instructions. What sets GeoJango Maps apart from all others (typically map printers) is that we are real Geographers and GIS Scientists. We made an incredible set of Geography Cards that are remarkable. National Geographic headquarters called us up and was thoroughly impressed with this very difficult project!

Perfect Travel Gift and Stocking Stuffer!

Bring maps and geography into your home

Kids love Geography!

Learn, explore, & play with our A Trip Around the USA Adventure Bundle! Created by a team of professionals to help young minds learn all about the USA. Perfect for homeschoolers, parents, & educators to support their children's education in geography, history, and social studies!

Learn the state capitals, the names and locations of the states, play fun games with the deck of companion cards and activity book!

This product was created by our dedicated team for kids!

kids usa map game
world push pin travel map

Beautiful World, USA, and City Maps

Track Your Travels & Life's Adventures

A GeoJango map is the perfect tool to track your greatest adventures and celebrate your favorite memories. We all have a unique story to tell and there's no better way to tell it than with a push pin travel map.

You can add push pins to locations that you've visited, destinations that you want to visit, or places that you've lived. As you place the pins into your map, try to think to back to your favorite memories from each location. Maybe you enjoyed a specific tour, a special meal, or just spending quality time with your loved ones.

Adding push pins to your map is truly a heartwarming experience!

Showoff Your Creativity

Personalize Your Map

Create a unique piece of wall art that highlights who you are, what you're interested in, and where you like to travel. You can personalize your map with custom titles, fonts, and framing options. Use a family name or favorite quote to make your map one of a kind.

custom quote in map
custom map title and legend

Personalized elements in the map create a story for your adventures

Creative Custom map title and legends

When it comes to a custom world map, the legend can be just as personalized as the title. We are skilled at designing just about any title, quote, and any number of legend items that you can think of into the map. We can also help with suggestions as we have seen a lot! Just write us a note, if you would like any thoughts.  

For the Custom Legends, place any pin color of your choice in the dot. This legend key is designed to be a placeholder and looks more like a shadow when the physical pin is placed in the map legend key.  

Your friends and family will have fun looking at all the places your have visited or plan to visit! Oh, the stories and dreams you can share!

Attention World Travelers and globtrotters:

World Country Tracker and Continent Tracker

Using a map to track the number of countries and continents you've visited is a rewarding and enjoyable way to document your adventures. Whether you're an avid traveler or just starting your journey, a travel map can serve as a visual representation of your exploration, a source of motivation, and a beautiful reminder of the incredible experiences you've had. So, start mapping your travels today and watch your map become a captivating record of your global adventures. If you would like this design in your map, write to us in your Order Notes to in clude the "Country and Continent Tracker" in your map. We will design a proof so you can verify everything before the map goes into production too!

world country tracker on map
world map wedding gift

Maps for Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

The Peferct Gift for Lifes Big Moments

Our maps make the perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, wedding, or anniversary! Your recipient will be delighted to receive a personalized gift that they can cherish for years to come. Maps are especially popular among anyone who enjoys the subjects of history, travel, art, geography, or home decor. Maps are great for anyone who loves to travel, starting a new chapter in their life, and for someone who wants to learn more about the world.

What else comes with our Framed Push Pin Maps?

Framed Push Pin Maps: When you order a framed map you'll receive 500 multi-colored push pins as well as a fun guide on how to start pinning your favorite destinations.

Pin Board Maps: Our pinboards are made with stury Gatorboards that is designed to hold the map pins in tight for decades. We embed the map using special (proprietary) adhesives that embeds the map into the board for bond that will last a lifetime. This process is more expensive for us to make - in fact twice the cost of most mass-produced companies. We deliver the best quality and at a great price.  

Packaging and Shipping: The map is wrapped and well protected for shipping. With your order, we your doorstep and guarantee your satisfaction.

Hanging Hardware: All framed maps are assembled with our special Beehive Hanging hardware and are ready to hang the moment they arrive to your door. This unique set of hardware is make hanging so easy! Our customer feedback on them has been fantastic so we include them with every framed map.


Head over to our FAQ page if you have any additional questions about our maps. You can also contact us through the chat box on the lower right corner of your screen.