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What are the size options?

We offer our maps in the following sizes for each finish type:

Framed Satin Paper Pin Map

- 24 x 18 inches (26.5 x 20.5 inches with frame)

- 30 x 20 inches (34 x 24 inches with frame)

- 36 x 24 inches (39 x 27 inches with the black or gold frame / 40 x 28 inches with all other frames)

- 48 x 32 inches (51 x 35 inches with the gold or black frame / 52 x 36 inches with all other frames)

Framed Canvas Pin Map

- 30 x 20 inches (34 x 24 inches with frame)

- 36 x 24 inches (39 x 27 inches with the black or gold frame / 40 x 28 inches with all other frames)

- 48 x 32 inches (51 x 35 inches with the gold or black frame / 52 x 36 inches with all other frames)

Canvas Wrap Pin Map

- 30 x 20 inches

- 36 x 24 inches

- 39 x 26 inches

- 48 x 32 inches

Canvas 3 Panel Pin Maps

- 60 x 40 inch span (3 panels at 20 x 40 inches each)

- 72 x 48 inch span (3 panels at 24 x 48 inches each)  

Please note that a spacing of 2-3 inches looks good between the panels.

wall display guide
usa push pin map

What are the different finish types?

Satin Paper Pin Map

This map type is printed on photo satin paper, mounted onto a high quality pin board and then framed. The photo satin paper has rich color depth. Both the Satin Paper Pin Maps and the Canvas Pin Maps are equally great for map pinning!

detailed map


Framed Canvas Pin Map

This map type is printed on premium canvas, mounted onto a high quality pin board and then framed. The canvas add texture and can be touched.

framed canvas map


Canvas Wrap Pin Map

This map type is printed on premium canvas, mounted on a high quality pin board, and then wrapped around a wooden frame. You can see the edges of this map wrap around the outside edge of the frame.

canvas wrap map

What's the difference between custom and standard options?

Custom options allow you to personalize your map with your favorite quote, family name, or any text that you would like. See our page for custom title inspiration.

Standard options include our most popular titles as shown in the main product listing images.

What's the difference between Satin Paper and Canvas?

Both the Satin Paper and Canvas options are printed using fine art - archival inks and are designed to last for many decades.  

Satin Paper Best Use:

  • • Modern museum display, that features an ultra smooth surface with our impressive mounting.
  • Beautiful Fine Art Finish that is designed for displaying rich color depth.
  • Good for visualazing the comphrensive fine details in the ocean bathymetry. (ocean floor depths and plate tectonics)

When compared to the canvas, the satin paper has a very smooth surface, rather than the texture of canvas.

us detailed map

Canvas Best Use:

  • The texture and feel of the canvas is attarctive and offers a more historical apperance.
  • Our premium canvas has fine-art giclee satin gloss, which can be touched and resists fingerprints.
  • We use archival HP inks to preserve the details for years to come.


The canvas can compete with the labeling in some of the complex areas of the map. All of the labels can be read. The smooth surface of the Photo Satin Paper would be the preferred choice for distint readablity of labels.

detailed usa map

Both Canvas and Satin maps are perfect for push pins!

Pin Board Construction:

The Framed Satin Paper Maps, Framed Canvas Maps, and Canvas Wraps are mounted on a pin board and constructed as a push pin map. We use a special lamination technique that applies a two-sided laminate on the board and the map. It is run through heavy rolling equipment twice - once to laminate the pin board and a second time to embed the map into the board. This is something that we do which would be hard to do without the special equipment and lamination materials.

What is Build-A-Map and how is it different from ordering through the catalog?

Build-A-Map is a custom application within our website that allows users to preview and edit their design options (titles, fonts, frames) in real time. While there will be no difference in the finished product, the process and prices are different.

Our regular catalog allows customization options as well but the user will not be able to preview these options. This requires us to create and send the customer a proof of their map. We must wait for the customer to approve their proof before we can send the map into production, which can increase the amount of time it takes to receive your map.

On the other hand, Build-A-Map shows the customer exactly what their map will look like with their custom options and thus eliminates the need for us to send the customer a proof. For this reason, maps ordered through Build-A-Map are slightly cheaper and typically ship faster.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, in most cases we can accommodate custom map sizes for unframed maps. We carry frames only for the sizes shown.

Contact us with any size request and we'll get back to you.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Want to include GeoJango Maps in your shop? We offer wholesale pricing to domestic and international retailers! Please email us at info@geojango.com for our wholesale pricing list and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

Are there tax savings for out of state customers?

Yes, your order will be 100% tax free as long as it is shipped outside of California.

Did you know that small businesses in the USA are not subject to interstate taxes whereas the big e-commerce websites (Amazon, Etsy, Walmart) are?  

Help support small businesses by purchasing directly from our website and save money at the same time!  

Will there be a hole in my map if I remove push pins?

Yes but seeing as though the holes are extremely small, it would be difficult to see them from more than a couple of feet away. Even then you would need to know exactly where to look in order to spot them.

Can I place push pins in a canvas map?

Yes you can use push pins with all of our maps, including our two canvas finish options. They all have a sturdy backing and allow for the placement of push pins.

About GeoJango:

Where are the maps made?

All materials that go into the production of our maps are made entirely in the USA. We produce our maps by hand in a studio located in Pleasanton, CA (just east of San Francisco).

Do you support any charities?

We are not just a destination for amazing maps, we’re a creative and caring team supporting the planet! We pledge 2% for our planet! Our goal is to provide support for wildlife rescue and conservation. For every order, we are donating 2% of our revenue to support a different wildlife cause every month!

If you have any suggestions, please email us at care@geojango.com

Is GeoJango Maps a small business?

Yes we are a small business. All of our maps are produced by hand in our studio, which is located in Pleasanton, CA (just east of San Francisco). All materials that go into the production of our maps are made entirely in the United States.

Production & Shipping:

What is the production timeline?

Standard Maps (with no personalized options):

Standard maps ship the fastest. Your map will go into production within 48 hours (business days) and will ship within one week. If you would like to receive your map as fast as possible, select standard options for your map.

Personalized Maps created with Build A Map:

Maps that are ordered using Build A Map are produced quickly. Your map will go into production within 48 hours (business days) and will ship within one week.

Personalized Maps that require a proof:

An additional 48 hours (business days) is required for most maps. Complex personalization takes more time.

The time that is takes to approve the map is dependent upon the customer.

After your map is approved, it will go into production within 48 hours (business days) and will be shipped within a week.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States and to certain APO boxes for military personnel.

Contact us if you are unsure whether you are eligible for shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We are able to ship rolled map posters (with no frame) to Canada for a $34 shipping fee. The customer is responsible for any VAT taxes that may be assessed upon import.

For all other countries, we're unable to ship internationally directly (with the exception of APO boxes). If you'd like to purchase a map internationally, please consider using a reshipper like MyUS.com (we are not affiliated but have seen good results from them).

Please provide the USA shipping address that reshipper provides when placing the order. Please also let us know that the map will ship internationally and we can package it with extra protection for its journey.

When will my map arrive?

The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map.

General Shipping Times:

East Coast - 5 days after your map has shipped

Central - 4 days after your map has shipped

West Coast - 3 days after your map has shipped

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is 100% free for all of our products within the continental U.S. However, orders going to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO boxes may require shipping fees.

Can I expedite the process?

Yes, we offer both Rush Processing and Expedited Shipping options.

Does the map come ready to hang?

All framed maps are assembled with a beehive hanger and arrive ready to hang.

Benefits of the beehive hanging system:

  • Easy to use
  • Stronger than wire
  • Holds map in place without rocking (especially nice for pinning your map)

All posters are rolled and shipped in a tube. Posters do not include a frame.

Are the maps laminated?

Our maps are not laminated so that they can be used multiple ways: You can use one as a poster, frame it, laminate it, make it a pin map, or make it a sticker map. If you place the map in a frame, you can place the glass over it and then use the glass to act as a wipe-off surface for markers or use the glass to place stickers on top. You can also have the map laminated at your local Office Depot or Printing shop.

Are push pins included with my map?

Our World, USA, & Kids framed maps include 100 multi-colored push pins. Our Sports stadium maps include 35 red push pins.

Push pins are not included with posters.

You can order additional push pins here.


Where can I see the frame choices?

geojango frame options

Can I frame my own map?

Yes, you can frame your own map if you order a map poster.


Can I personalize my map?

Yes, you can! Check out our article on personalization options on our custom options page.

Where can I see ideas for custom titles?

See our page on title inspiration.

Will I see my personalized map before it ships?

We do not send proofs for maps ordered through our Build A Map application since you can see the personalized options in real time.

If you design your map through a product page, then yes, we will send you a proof. We will not produce the map until you've approved the order.

We do not send proofs for standard maps as they don't require any customization. Standard maps ship the fastest.