Nautilus Push Pin World Travel Map with Pins

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Standard maps will enter production right away, within the next business day. Larger orders may take more time.

We'll select the optimal shipping method for fast delivery, with standard orders arriving within 2-5 days after shipping.

All push pin board maps (framed or canvas wrap) include push pins, are easy to hang, and ship free in the continental US. These are hand made for you and will require 1-3 days to craft.

For personalized maps we collaborate closely to guarantee satisfaction. Expect a proof to be sent to you. Your swift responses will facilitate the production and shipping process - we won't ship until you're happy with your design.

30 day returns.

If there are any problems with your map we will take care of you. Returns for all maps are straightforward and hassle-free.

For personalized maps, engaging with the email proofs we send ensures that the final product meets your expectations precisely.

We have 30+ years of cartography experience, meticulously craft each order by hand to ensure excellence, and 100% guarantee your satisfaction. We produce maps that are built to last, with state of the art production and archival quality materials.

Personalize Your Map

Customize with quotes, legends, or dedications using "Personalize Map" options to craft your masterpiece map. Or reach out to us if you don't see the option you want.

We collaborate with you from design to approval of your proof so that you are 100% happy before we print and ship.

Our excellent customer service is always open to you.

Nautilus World Map: A Masterpiece of Cartography

The Nautilus World Map is an impressive cartographic masterpiece that beautifully merges art and science. This map skillfully combines the physical beauty of Earth’s geography with intricate cultural details, making it both a stunning display and a valuable educational tool.  Use the map as a World Push Pin Travel Map or as beautiful and informative wall art.  

Key Features:

  • Current Geography: This comprehensive map is up-to-date and features a modern 21st-century projection of the world to visualize the size and shapes of countries more accurately than the Mercator projection (The Mercator project originated in the 1500s and elongated countries like Greenland). Our map projections are ideal for travel maps and educational material. 

  • Detailed Labeling: features cities, countries, and regions with precise labeling, offering an extensive reference for explorers and learners alike. 

  • USA Details: Includes U.S. state boundaries, major cities, and the locations of all 63 National Parks. 

  • Plan and track your travel destinations: Share the story of your adventures with an impressive view of the world.  

  • Impressive and Informative:  This map captures years of meticulous geographic research and dedication, offering an incredible resource for exploration and education.

  • Museum-Quality Fine Art: Prepared as museum-quality fine art, this map is designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime, whether used as a push-pin map or wall art.

This map has more to discover and explore:

  • Cultural and Historical Landmarks: Discover historic sites, geologic marvels, and cultural landmarks. Explore the modern wonders of the world and interact with the map.

  • Deepest Ocean Points and Tallest Peaks: Identify the deepest point in the ocean and the tallest peaks on every continent.

  • Physical Geography: Explore the natural landscapes of archipelagos, rainforests, deserts, mountain ranges, and tundras. 

  • Ocean Geography: View the flows of ocean currents and learn about historical explorations and voyages.

  • Scientific Oceanography: Based on over 2 billion data points and NOAA bathymetry, this map showcases the topography of the seafloor, labeled oceans, seas, basins, and more. View ocean ridges, plate tectonics, major ocean currents, trade winds, and more. 

This beautiful world travel map captures the physical geography and oceanography of Earth, allowing you to visualize the natural beauty of our planet and reference its complex geography. Created as both a travel map and an educational tool, it will make an impressive addition to any home or office, inspiring exploration and a deeper understanding of the world.

Personalize Your Map: The map can customized and proofs are provided for your review.  Choose your title, subtitle, quote, and/or legend.  There is no limit to your specifications as we are pros at designing custom features into our map design.  You can also personalize the compass with your name or a quote.  Please check out our custom inspirations and pictures of our world maps. 




Companion Maps and Geography Game Set:  GeoJango provides more value with our maps than any other company. Deep dive into geography with our companion products that reveal more information about our world. 

  • Companion Geography Game: Learn more about the world and interact with the map with our companion Explorer Cards. Use the Explorer Cards as a guide to explore the world in an enriching interactive experience. Each card provides insights about significant locations that will also challenge your geography knowledge. 
  • Coordinating USA Map:  The Nautilus USA Map coordinates with the Natilus World Map.  The two maps feature the same colors and provide an impressive display. The USA map provides more surface area to detail unique sites and National Parks in every state.

What's the difference between the Nautilus and Voyager World Maps?  The colors of the oceans! The Voyager World Maps features blue oceans (as Earth is seen naturally from space) and the Nautilus World Map features lighter-colored ocean details. With either version, you can explore the same oceanography in a different spectrum of colors.  Check out this outline of our world Map Comparisons.

Perspective on Map Size:  The map will create a beautiful impression and statement in your space. The larger the map, the more impressive the display.  If you love maps, as we do, consider the largest map possible for your space.

Primary Colors:  Greens, browns, tans, creams, whites, grays

Need a different color or styled map? Check out more options:  Travel Maps with Pins.

What sets our maps apart from other companies is our professional cartography and superb quality. We include hundreds of cartographic details that are unknown by other map printing companies. As professional Geographers with graduate degrees in the profession, we take our work seriously. We have the passion and knowledge to create an incredible map that you will enjoy for decades to come. 

Map Author, Cartographer, and GIS Scientist: Deborah Dennison, GISP, MGIS: Deborah Dennison is a passionate geographer with advanced degrees: a Master's in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from Penn State University and a Master's in Environmental Science from the University of South Florida. With a career spanning thousands of maps created for the U.S. Military and government agencies, Deborah's dedication now drives her to make maps for everyone to use, learn from, and enjoy.

"I have an unwavering passion for geography and a relentless energy to share the details of the world through maps. Maps offer a unique way to visualize the characteristics of our world—culture, nature, history, size, proximity, remoteness, and unique geologies." 
— Debbie Dennison, Geographer

How it Works

Just like your lifetime of adventures, your map will be one of a kind: made to order and hand crafted just for you. Use our image examples as a guide to tell us about your personalization.

Your inspiration will be incorporated with our cartography to build your masterpiece map. When you approve the design it will be hand crafted here at our studio in Pleasanton, California to your specs and delivered to your door.

custom map with legend
Master Craftsmanship

Quality & Happiness Guarantee

Pins Included With Mounted Maps

Made In USA

Made In USA - Pleasanton, CA

Specs & Construction

Museum Quality Fine Art Production: We have built the finest map production studio in the USA, investing in the best printers and using only archival quality materials! We use specialized printing equipment that produces the finest quality prints to display clear labeling, vivid geography, and oceanography. If you are in the area, come visit us in Pleasanton, California!

Each of our maps are the product of years of research, backed by decades of professional GIS, cartography, and design experience. We keep no stock - every single map we produce is a custom production, made to order just for you. We love personalizing our maps to give you the highest quality experience.

Map Size Selection:  The biggest factor in displaying a detailed map is the size. We can produce this map in these sizes: 24x16", 30x20", 36x24", 48x32", 60x40", and 72x48".  

The 60x40" and 72x48" sizes are available as Rolled Prints or as a 3-Panel Canvas Wrap (premium and highest-quality craftsmanship).

The larger the size, the more impressive the display and view of the details in the map.

Need a small USA map that will fit in a limited space, the 24x16" and 30x20" inch size is so charming.

If you will be working with a local framer to display one of our paper or canvas posters in a custom frame, we will be able to accommodate any size between our standard offerings (though not deviating from our 1.5 aspect ratio), and include any margin you specify. Reach out to collaborate.

Framed Map Size vs. Outside Dimensions: Our sizing choices specify the size of the printed map itself. Our frame options will increase the overall size of your final product depending on your selection.

For example:

  • Maps sized 24 x 16 inches will total 26.5 x 18.5 inches with the frame
  • Maps sized 30 x 20 inches will total 34 x 24 inches with the frame
  • Maps sized 36 x 24 inches will total 40 x 28 inches with a selection of a 2-inch frame
  • Maps sized 48 x 32 inches will total 52 x 36 inches with a selection of a 2-inch frame

For specific dimensions, see our page on Map Finish Options

100% Made in the USA by a Small Women-Owned Business.  What sets our business apart from most map companies: we are a team of professional Geographers, Cartographers, and Environmental Scientists. We have a passion for making maps and take the profession seriously - to produce beautiful and accurate maps. We apply thousands of layers using GIS and use optimal projections that reduce distortions. Special cartographic features are intricately made on the map and carefully labeled. We include special details that most of our competitors miss - such as real oceanography, accurate projections, and comprehensive labeling and referencing. Our passion and master craftsmanship make our map art stand out.

What's Included

What's Included with a Canvas Wrap or Framed Map:  500 Map pins and pin case. Each push pin map is individually made to order with archival quality materials. The print is mounted to gatorfoam pinboard, which will not warp, bend, or crush like cork or foamcore. We prepare the map with premium hanging hardware so you can start pinning your adventures immediately. This exclusive hanging solution keeps the map stable on your wall, even while pinning where you've been. The map is nicely packaged and shipped in a large box, ready to give as a gift.

What's Included with a Rolled Poster Map: Pins are not included by default, be sure to add pins in the order options if you plan to create your own push pin map. Gem stickers work well when the map isn't mounted to pin board. Consider adding a poster hanging kit to your order if you're not sure how you'll display your poster.

Poster Prints: Each one of our maps is crafted individually, unlike mass-produced alternatives.

Our posters are available in various sizes, all tailored to fit standard frames, we include an additional margin in the print to prevent coverage by the frame's lip. If you intend to DIY a push pin map with one of our posters, be sure to let us know in the order notes in your cart to adjust the print margins to your specs. To maintain the map's impeccable condition, it is carefully rolled with a robust tube, eliminating any possibility of folds or creases during transportation.

Corner detail of a stretched canvas push pin travel map

Canvas Wrap

Traditional stretched canvas in a gallery style wrap, with the art continuing over the sides. A modern, lightweight, floating look with a hidden internal frame.

Corner detail of a framed travel map

Framed Map

Printed and mounted to archival quality rigid pin board, framed to put a focus on your journey.

A rolled travel map poster

Rolled Poster

Easy to bring along with you, or an excellent project for you to find your own best way for you to display your wanderlust.


Canvas Wrap

Traditional stretched canvas in a gallery style wrap, with the art continuing over the sides. A modern, lightweight, floating look with a hidden internal frame.

Framed Map

Printed and mounted to archival quality rigid pin board, framed to put a focus on your journey.

Rolled Poster

Easy to bring along with you, or an excellent project for you to find your own best way for you to display your wanderlust.

Travel planning with the nautilus world travel map with pins

World Push Pin Travel Map

globe graticules

Perfected Geography

Includes essential geographic features and accurate projection of the world. This map is perfect for learning the relative size and shape of landmasses on Earth (for example: Greenland is the correct shape).

fine art

Fine Art Quality

Impressively produced with Archival Inks, Rich Color Depth, and clear and vivid labels. We use premium satin paper and canvas.

bathymetry included

Detailed Oceanography

View the ocean seafloor, ridges, basins, and plate tectonics fault lines with bathymetry. Follow the flows of the ocean currents and find the deepest point in the ocean!

Map Craftsmanship

Durable Construction

Push pin maps are built to last for decades with high-quality Gatorfoam to hold pins tightly. Beautiful frames made in the USA.


How are push pin maps made?

We make our maps at our studio in Pleasanton, California, USA. These are our works of art, and we craft each one to order - we do not keep stock products in inventory.

Each map is a product of years of research and design. We love the opportunity to combine science and art in these wonderful travel maps, and we especially love personalizing them just for you!

Your map will be produced to your specifications using our archival quality materials and fade-resistant inks on large format printers. If you choose a poster in canvas or paper it will be rolled and mailed to you. For ready-to-hang options in framed or stretched canvas, we will mount your map on archival quality pin board and include everything you need to start pinning and build lifelong memories.

We do not use foamcore or cork backing - the gatorfoam we mount pin maps to is a premium archival quality rigid material that will not warp over time, bend away, or crush as you pin your travels. Your pins will be held tight for a lifetime. This material also enables us to offer you incredible clarity with satin paper options that have a smooth finish, in addition to our canvas offerings.

Our canvas wrap and framed maps include premium hanging hardware as well. You will find the pre-installed rigid hangers make it easy for you to hang your map and keep it solidly level, and no guessing or measuring where to drill like for a wire!

Should I choose canvas or paper?

All of our push pin maps are mounted to archival quality pin boards. This premium, rigid material will not only hold your pins tight for a lifetime, but also provides a smooth surface that allows us to offer you smooth satin paper prints. In contrast to canvas there is no fabric weave visible, making text and other details clearer when printed at small sizes.

Canvas prints are better able to stand up to being touched, and allow us to offer the frameless stretched “canvas wrap” format at up to very large sizes.

We offer framing for both canvas and paper, and they both look incredible. From more than a couple feet away, the differences fall away, and either will earn you admiration as they hang from your wall.

  • Paper: better clarity of tiny details
  • Canvas: more options for sizing, better fingerprint resistance
Does this include map pins?

Pins are included with maps produced as push pin maps: canvas wrap and framed maps. We mount these maps to archival quality pin board so that they're ready to hang and begin tracking your lifetime of adventures.

Rolled posters do not include pins. These ship rolled in a tube for you to hang as a poster, purchase our poster hanging kit, make a DIY project, or contact a local framer. While we provide incredible quality with our push pin map production, many people do enjoy keeping rolled canvas posters as a traveling companion they can pack with them. If you would like to make your own pin board with one of our posters, be sure to add a pack of map pins to your order!

Will there be a hole if I remove a pin from my map?

Yes. Your mark on the world is permanent.

Our pin maps are produced with archival quality gatorfoam pin boards that will retain their shape over time, avoiding the issue of pins falling loose on their own like in common foamcore or cork boards. Push pin maps are made to be used!

When will my map arrive?

Maps without personalization will enter production right away. Poster will ship within one business day, while push pin formats may take one to three business days for us to craft to your specs.

If you request personalization options in your order you will receive an email from us with your proof - a preview of your map with your custom requests applied. Be on the lookout for this message (sent within one business day of your order), you must respond to it before we print and build your map. You can request additional changes and a new proof. After your approval your map will be crafted to your specs and shipped - within 1-3 days depending on the size of your order and our current volume.

We handcraft each of our maps at our studio in Pleasanton, California, USA. (Drop by if you're in the bay area!)

Standard shipping timeline in business days:

  • East Coast - 3-5 days after your map has shipped
  • Central - 2-4 days after your map has shipped
  • West Coast - 1-3 days after your map has shipped
How do I hang a map?
  • Framed and Canvas Wrap maps come pre-installed with unique rigid hangers, featuring an incredibly easy positioning process that'll keep your map level and steady even while you're placing your pins. Just have a hammer and some space on your wall ready. View our instructional video to learn more.
  • Poster options will additionally offer hanging kits, or you can keep it rolled for easy travel, or even take it on as a project to frame it yourself.
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Large Push Pin Map

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Absolutely love this!

Great quality and so lovely! Thank you!

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I spent months looking for a detailed map like this and glad I did. It's gorgeous and I have received so many compliments!

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