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Mark Your Travels With Push Pins

We include 100 multi-colored push pins with the order of any framed map so that you can mark your favorite destinations and relive these special memories! If you'd like to order additional push pins, you can do so through the products at the top of this page. Choose one specific color, a combination of colors, or a random mixture. The choice is yours!

Want to get creative with your pins? Use different colors to identify which member of your family visited a specific location, when they visited that location, or what kind of trip it was. You can also use distinct colors for specific regions, countries, or states.

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Make It A Family Activity

Spend time with your loved ones by pinning your favorite destinations together! Switch off placing push pins into locations that you've visited or destinations that are still on your to-do list. Swap stories about the places you've been, the people you met, and the experiences you had. There's truly no better way to cherish these memories!

You can also use map push pins to help you decide which country or state you would like to visit next. If you're thinking about doing a USA road trip, use the pins to mark the exact route you plan on taking. By doing this you'll be able to visualize the distances between each location and you can arrange your trip accordingly.

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