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It's GeoJango's mission to create fascinating maps to help people learn more about the world.

Maps have the unique ability to draw people in using spatial dimensions and visualization. Our maps are designed to make exploring the geography of the Earth's lands and oceans fun and fascinating.


Extraordinary Geographic Details in Every Map

In our World Maps, one can visualize the depths of the oceans, ridges, and basins. GIS technology is used to illustrate the geography of our world and landscapes including deserts, rainforests, and mountains.

We use satellite data to accurately show the elevation from the seafloor to the tallest peaks. We use the MODIS satellite in February to illustrate the snow and ice coverage of Earth - as seen in the northern hemisphere and along Canada and Russia.

We include fascinating references to discover in every continent and country. We include historical events both heroic and tragic. We include facts about explorers and their epic voyages. We point out significant landmarks throughout the world that are important for geographic awareness.

Use our wall maps and push pin maps for business, home, and office decor. Our maps are designed to impress everyone - from our smallest maps to our GIANT wall maps.


Professional Cartography and Geographical Science is our Passion

Our maps are created by highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in Environmental Science, Geography, History, Education, Computer Science, and Graphic Design.  


Made in the USA

Every map and geography game is made-to-order, rather than being mass-produced. We use all USA Materials and strive to support other USA companies. We purchase moldings for our frames from small business factories in Alabama and the State of New York. A factory in Stockton, California transforms the moldings into frames - exclusively for our maps.


Our Location

GeoJango is located in Pleasanton, California, which is about 30 miles east of San Francisco.

1270 Quarry Lane, Suite B, Pleasanton, CA 94566

If you are in the Pleasanton area and would like to visit our gallery, please do! We offer special pricing for any maps that are already made in our showroom.  

Tours of our facility are available for individuals, groups, and students. Please contact us to schedule a tour or viewing.

We created a Map Studio to support and oversee every aspect of the craftsmanship of our maps. Each order is individually made and shipped out directly from our shop and delivered to your doorstep.


We Care About Our Planet

We are not just a destination for amazing maps, we’re a creative and caring team supporting the planet! We pledge 2% for our planet! Our goal is to provide support for wildlife rescue and conservation. For every order, we are donating 2% of our revenue to support a different wildlife cause every month! If you have any suggestions, please email us at care@geojango.com

Geographic Expertise

We are experts in Cartography, GIS, and Remote Sensing.

We have expertise in:

Advanced Computational Science
Agricultural Data
Asset Tracking
CAD Data Transformation
Cadastral Datasets
Campus Mapping
Civil and Transportation Mapping
Conflict Simulation
Consequence Management
Dashboard Design
Emergency Management
Emergency Response
Environmental science
Esri and the Arc Platforms
Facilities Management
Infrastructure Mapping
Landscape Change
LiDAR and 3D modeling
Real Estate Site Analysis
Remote Sensing Platforms
Satellite Imagery Technology
Site Planning
Spatial Data Management
Terrain and Elevation Modeling
Urban Planning
Web Mapping Applications

Our Team:

Derek Dennison

President of GeoJango Maps

Derek is a skilled programmer and GIS Cartographer.   His expertise is in developing web applications and automating workflows. He creates intricate modeling of the terrain and ocean depths.   He is meticulous in his attention to detail and is a talented programmer. Derek manages our materials and inventory. He is a graduate from University of California, Davis and has a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Graphic Design.


GIS Analyst & Production Manager

Zakk creates geographical content for our maps: including extensive geographical research, geocoding, and creating beautiful maps. Zakk coordinates every order and establishes the workflow for our team members. He is also an accomplished Graphic Designer with a specialty in typography and print production and design. He has created our USA Kids Activity Book and packaging designs for our USA Kids Game. Zakk is a graduate from the University of Georgia and has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design.


Geospatial Scientist & GIS Analysis

Tim is a master at BIG data analytics! He is a subject matter expert with large datasets and summarizing the information into meaningful information. He is skilled in satellite technology, GIS Data Cleansing, GIS Data Automation, GIS Data Transformation, and systematically creating data feeds for live reporting. Tim has worked on critical missions for the U.S. Military, and an array of government agencies.   He creates live web mapping applications that can be automated so the information is live and up-to-date. Some examples of his work at GeoJango GIS include Real Estate Mapping, Sales Data Mapping, and Marketing Dashboards using geospatial expertise.


Executive Director

Jenna's background is in both art and education. Her undergraduate studies focused on the visual culture of civilizations and societies throughout time and spanning across the globe. Her graduate degree focused on specialized instruction with an emphasis on the impact of sociocultural contexts. She brings both fields of study to GeoJango. She works on product development, marketing, and order fulfillment. Jenna has a Bachelors in Art/Design from Univ. Southern California (USC) and a Masters in Education from USC.


Master Craftsman

Wayne is our Master Craftsman who has extensive experience in making Fine Artwork. He is skilled in making canvas wraps and has created a technique that we are very proud of. Wayne is also a master with photography, printing, and has run his own business with great success. Our team is grateful to have his extraordinary expertise!


Writer & Content Providers

Courtney is our talented writer who loves desiging our website pages! She has a creative eye for making our site user friendly. Courtney develops our creative content and articles for our website and for marketing team. Courtney is a graduate from St. Mary's University with a Master's degree in Journalism.


Graphic Designer

Mark has incredible talent for creating beautiful cartographic features in our maps. He specializes in re-mastering old maps and ancient cartographic elements such as compass rose designs, sea monsters, and mastering beautiful elements on our maps. Mark is talented with creating graphics including birds, flowers, and things in nature. He has illustrated the collection of artwork that went into creating our USA Illustrated Kids Map and Geography Card Game. Mark is also a master at restoring our vintage maps that are featured in Masterpiece Maps. Mark is a graduate from Diablo College and has a degree in Graphic Arts.


Marketing and Product Navigator

Mona supports our email communications and marketing materials. She also insures that we have all of our materials for our maps and coordinates the shipping. She also helps our production team and keeps our customer's happy with making sure our products well packaged and arrive safely.

Why Maps?  We think of maps as windows to the world. They provide a context for understanding cultural, environmental, and physical patterns and relationships in the world. We like how maps provide spatial context and serve as a visual tool for learning. Traveling the world provides an opportunity to learn and experience the essence of Earth!