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About GeoJango

about geojango

From the very start, the GeoJango team set out to design incredible maps that would spark people's curiosity to learn more about the world. We believe that maps can be both educational and inspirational.  

GeoJango's maps are a bit different from the mainstream. Our mission is to create incredible maps that spark people's curiosity to learn more about the world. In our research, we found that most of the push pin maps on the market do not display accurate geographical information, relevant topographical data, and comprehensive details. We decided to change this.

Creating a map is no small task. The world is enormous. There is science and art involved in cartography when composing physical, environmental, and cultural information. We focus first on the artistic nature of the world and model the Earth using satellite data. Then, we arrange hundreds of data layers using authoritative sources to document the locations of countries, cities, rivers, lakes, mountains and many other physical features. The final step in producing our maps is referencing historical events, ancient civilizations and significant landmarks to tell the story of Earth.

The result is a beautifully designed map that you can use to decorate your home, track your travels, and learn new information about our world.

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Why Maps?

We think of them as a window to the world. They provide the context for understanding cultural, environmental, and physical patterns and relationships in the world. We like how maps provide spatial context and serves as a visual tool for learning. Scale the maps down further and you can learn more about nature, geology, and culture. We think that is why people like to travel, as it provides the opportunity to learn and experience the essence of Earth!

What Makes Our Maps Unique?

Professional Cartography

Our maps are designed by a professional cartographer and geographer who has the experience to create impressive maps.

Incredible Details

From USA National Parks to Wonders of the World, our maps feature incredible details that aren't found in any other maps out there!

Made In The USA

All of our products are made entirely in the USA! We print, package, and ship the maps from our studio in Pleasanton, California.

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