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About GeoJango

We are serious about making maps for you.

Our maps are a bit different from the mainstream - we create maps to increase awareness about the world.

In our maps, we focus first on the artistic nature of the world and model the Earth using satellite data. Then we layer referencing information to make them fun to explore.

We know that dedication to the science of geography and Earth's environment (historical, cultural, and geological information) provides insights.

~ We thrive on adding those insights as illustrations and information in our maps. ~

Our experience enables us to model the Earth using satellite data to reveal interesting patterns and landscapes in our world.

We also have the patience and practice to embed comprehensive information - designed to be discovered in the maps after careful study or years of use & exploration.

In our USA National Parks Maps, we added extra touches and referenced the 59 National Parks plus 600+ National Park sites - these are the real gems of the nation. Then we added the National Trails, National Forests, NASA space centers, and historical sights such as Mackinac Island, Four Corners, Tombstone, and much more.

We hope you will have fun discovering the amazing places in our USA, Regional, and World Maps.

Meet the GeoJango Team

Debbie Dennison, MGIS, GISP

Founder, Geographer, Environmental Scientist

Debbie has been creating maps for many years - modeling the earth using scientific data. She designed maps and applications for the U.S. Military and a DOE National Laboratory. With this experience, Debbie created GeoJango to help spread the passion about maps, geography and how they can be used to learn more about our world. Debbie has a Masters Degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from Penn State Univ. & a Masters in Environmental Science (Univ of South Florida), a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Technology Management (USF), Bachelors in Geography / Urban and Regional Planning (USF).


Executive Director

Jenna's background is in both art and education. Her undergraduate studies focused on the visual culture of civilizations and societies throughout time and spanning across the globe. Her graduate degree focused on specialized instruction with an emphasis on the impact of sociocultural contexts. She brings both fields of study to GeoJango. She works on product development, marketing, and order fulfillment. Jenna has a Bachelors in Art/Design from Univ. Southern California (USC) and a Masters in Education from USC.


Production Coordinator

Emily coordinates every order and establishes the workflow for our team members. She has a wonderful spirit and loves to help our customers. She helps create the custom map titles and compasses. Emily is a graduate from California State Univ - Cal Poly and has a degree in Graphic Communications.


Map Print Master

Tyler is a master at large scale printers. He runs our large scale printers and mounting equipment. He is meticulous in the workmanship of the maps.  He is a student who is studying Design at Los Positas College.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to inspire people to learn more about our world with maps. 

Why Maps? We think of them as a window to the world. They provide the context for understanding cultural, environmental, and physical patterns and relationships in the world. We like how maps provide spatial context and serves as a visual tool for learning. Scale the maps down further and you can learn more about nature, geology, and culture. We think that is why people like to travel, as it provides the opportunity to learn and experience the essence of Earth!