World Map Posters

Our World Map Posters include fascinating destinations, significant landscapes, famous voyages, oceanic terrain, and much more!

These maps can be ordered in a variety of sizes and are the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to travel.

We also offer these products as framed World Maps.

World Travel Map Poster Overview

Our World Map Posters are perfect for keeping track of your world travels and planning new ones! Whether you traveled the world on your honeymoon or embarked on an epic backpacking journey, our maps will help you highlight your adventures and provide insights about hundreds of amazing places in the world.

These unique posters include countless fascinating destinations throughout our planet. Within each map you'll find:

  • Countries, islands, major cities
  • Wonders of the World
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • National Parks

Aside from these destinations, our maps also include tons of educational details such as:

  • Geographic and historic commentary
  • The tallest peak on every continent
  • Oceanic ridges and basins
  • Famous voyages and ancient trading routes

The posters are rolled inside of a protective tube and then shipped straight to your door. We offer both modern and vintage themed posters so that you can find a style that will be the highlight of any room.

Map posters are perfect for decorating a bedroom, dorm room, or office space. You can also frame the poster yourself and then hang it in your living room!