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Wholesale Earth Map Posters

For exclusive wholesale buyers: Magellan World Map: A highly-detailed topographical map of the world. Ideal for Museum and Educational Shops. A stunning map that was created from satellite data showing the beauty of Earth.

Made in the USA by USA Small Business in Pleasanton, CA. Quick production and shipping.  

Magellan Edition

Rolled Poster Edition: Fine Art Satin Finish

24x16" Map (Case of 30)

Single Value: $15 WSP / $40 MSRP
Case Value: $450 WSP / $1,200 MSRP
Individual Tube size: 2" x 20", weight: 8 oz

36x24" Map (Case of 13)

Single Value: $22 WSP / $59 MSRP
Case Value: $286 WSP / $767 MSRP
Individual Tube size: 2" x 38", weight: 8 oz

Plus the Free Mounted Display Map & About the Map Sign.

Production Time: 5 business days

Estimated Shipping Time: 3-5 business days

Map Description

We created special affects to design an old world appearance in the map. The detailed outlines and political boundaries are carefully prepared using modern GIS mapping software. The result is an accurate map with the look of a classical antique map.

About the Map:  The Magellan World Map features special ocean terrain modeling and is named after the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who pioneered the first ship that circumnavigated the world in the 16th century. The map includes historical details about Magellan's famous voyage.

Within this topographical map you'll find Wonders of the World, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the tallest peaks on every continent, the flows of ocean currents, and historical commentary. The amount of detail in our maps is truly impressive!