Teacher Class Room - Explorer Card & Map Set

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Teacher Class Room Explorer Card & Map Set


The perfect educational geography learning set for any classroom!

Explore, Educate, and Engage Your Students with Fascinating Global Destinations.

Our deck comprises 50 cards, each showcasing a remarkable destination from around the world, along with comprehensive game instructions.

Within these cards, you'll find captivating facts, stunning photographs, and thought-provoking Challenge Questions, all designed to enrich your understanding of culturally and geographically significant sites worldwide.

Pair these Explorer Cards with our 36x24 inch rolled poster for an immersive learning experience. The poster serves as the perfect companion, enhancing your students' interaction and understanding as they embark on a journey of discovery.

These cards not only complement our educational maps but also inspire individuals to explore the world through this interactive and engaging set. Encourage curiosity and broaden horizons with this exceptional resource for learners of all ages.