Special Order: NYC Commissioned Pin Map

$650.00 $2,600.00

Extra Large Map of NYC Street Map (Push Pin Canvas Wrap Map)

Geography: mostly Manhattan, north Brooklyn and east Queens.

Colors blue, grey, green, brown tones- like old maps. The room is dark in colors.

Full Size:  78x55" (Divided into 4 sections) 78x55 1/2" each

Map Format:  Canvas Wrap Push Pin Map (includes special pin board under the canvas wrap.

Cartographic Design:  Includes custom map design and custom interior frame production.

Includes Map Pins:  100 Giant Pins or 500 Small Map Pins (we will review the options and verify your choice before shipping.)

Initial Design Time:  3 business days + coordination time on any updates.  

Proofs will be provided for your review and you are welcome to ask for any updates.

Construction Time:  2-3 weeks 

Shipping Time:  1 week

Total Cost:  $1300.00 (shipping is complimentary with your order)

Payment Terms:  1/2 Payment to initiate the project and 1/2 Payment due when the final design is approved to proceed with the production and shipping.  

Satisfaction Guarantee:  We hope you will be thrilled with the maps!  If there are any problems, we are here to help to your satisfaction.