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Map of London, Map of London England

From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, London is famous for its magnificent architecture, fish and chips, and robust diversity of culture, nationalities, and language. Bring The Square Mile to life with our brand new Map of London. The highly detailed roads, railways, trails, rivers and more will give you a fresh outlook on your favorite city. Choose between different map styles, frames, and custom titles.

About The Map:

At GeoJango, we are experts in GIS mapping and developing products of the highest quality display. Each map art print is created using open street maps, a comprehensive world-wide database of roads, streets, and other features. We design each of our five unique styles by programming thousands of layers within each map. In turn, our maps are the most accurate, high-quality and stylish on the market.

Style Options:

Our City Maps come in 5 design options: Toner, Night, Pencil, Ganymede, and Retro.

Toner - This map is our classic black and white style. It is crisp, clean, and the perfect addition to any space.

Night - This style will showcase the nightlife of your favorite city. The variation of grey tones will complement any home.

Pencil- Our etched, pencil design is a crowd favorite. The beautiful ocean pattern and neutral color palette complement any of your favorite cities.  

Ganymede - Named after Jupiter’s largest moon, this style is bound to make a statement in any spot. The muted blue and teal tones give this map a unique look that showcases the different streets, topography, and more.

Retro - This option will add the perfect pop of color to any space. The retro map view makes water features, parks, and roadways pop.

Construction: Our Framed City Maps are printed on high quality Photo Satin Paper and can be used with push pins. We mount the map on a high quality pin board using heavy machinery for a lasting bound.

Applications: Decorate your home, office, apartment, or rental home with your home city, one you’ve traveled to, or as inspiration for your next adventure.

A Great Gift for: Londoners, art & culture enthusiasts, big-city lovers, and university students. This is the perfect wedding, graduation, study abroad, or holiday gift for everyone!

Optionally Personalize your map:

Make the map truly your own by creating a custom title and subtitle. Be creative and write why London is special to you.

Quality and Guarantee:

We stand behind our work and guarantee the highest level of construction and quality. Contact us if you have any problems with your map, and we will coordinate to ensure you are happy with your order.

History of the City

The history of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is a captivating story of growth, resilience, and cultural significance that spans over two millennia. From its Roman foundations to its current status as a global metropolis, London's history is a testament to its enduring importance on the world stage.

London's history begins with the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43 when the Romans established a bridgehead on the northern bank of the River Thames, a location known as Londinium. The Romans built a bridge, roads, and walls, making Londinium a strategic hub for trade and administration in Roman Britain.

In the 5th century, as the Roman Empire declined, Londinium was abandoned, and the city fell into disrepair. However, it remained a point of interest for various Anglo-Saxon and Viking invaders.

The Norman Conquest of England in 1066 marked a turning point in London's history. William the Conqueror, the Norman King, established the Tower of London in 1078 to secure control over the city. This iconic fortress would play a central role in English history for centuries.

By the 12th century, London had grown into a bustling medieval city, with trade, commerce, and governance taking place within its walls. The City of London, as it became known, was granted a charter in 1191, establishing the framework for self-governance and trade regulation. It is from this medieval city that the modern financial district, known as "The City," takes its name.

The 13th century saw the construction of Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament). Westminster, just across the river from the City, became the seat of English royalty and government.

London's population continued to grow, and by the 16th century, it had become one of Europe's largest cities. It was during this period that King Henry VIII initiated the English Reformation, leading to the establishment of the Church of England. This religious transformation had a profound impact on the city's religious and political life.

The 17th century marked a period of upheaval in London's history. The English Civil War resulted in the execution of King Charles I in 1649, and London briefly became a republican city under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell. The monarchy was later restored in 1660, and King Charles II returned to London.

The 18th century brought remarkable expansion and cultural flowering to London. The city's population surged, and it became a center for commerce, industry, and the arts. Landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral and the British Museum were constructed during this era.

The 19th century saw London's transformation into an industrial powerhouse, with innovations such as the steam engine revolutionizing transportation and manufacturing. The construction of iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge and Big Ben (the Great Bell of the Palace of Westminster) contributed to the city's architectural splendor.

During World War II, London endured the Blitz, a sustained bombing campaign by Nazi Germany. The city suffered extensive damage, but its resilience prevailed, and it was rebuilt in the post-war years.

In the latter half of the 20th century, London continued to thrive as a global financial and cultural center. It played host to the 1948 and 2012 Olympics and became home to a diverse and dynamic population.

Today, London is a thriving metropolis known for its historic landmarks, world-class museums, theaters, and cultural diversity. It is a global hub for finance, technology, and the arts, and its rich history is celebrated through its many historic sites and museums, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the Museum of London.

London's history is a tale of transformation and adaptability, reflecting the city's evolution from a Roman outpost to a modern global metropolis. Its enduring significance in politics, culture, and commerce has made it a symbol of resilience and dynamism on the world stage.