World Map Black and White Wall Decal: Endeavor


Black and White World Map Wallpaper - Peel and Stick

Includes fascinating geographic and historical details in a National Geographic style.

Our Endeavor World Map Wall Decal is an adhesive backed, removable fabric material that can be applied directly on a wall.  Better than wallpaper, the wall decal is easy to apply and re-position.  The map can be removed from the wall at any time by just peeling it off. 

About the Map:

The Endeavor World Map is an impressive map.  Wherever you decide feature it, this map is going to be the highlight of any room.  Use it to track your travels, reference the world, and plan new adventures!

In the map - you can find the deepest point in the ocean; the tallest peaks on each continent; and follow the flows of the ocean currents. Explore the map to find over 100 special sites on the map (marked in blue/green) and learn about historical events around the world. 

How to Hang the Map: Watch the video here.

Geographical Data:

The map is created using a combination of satellites and developed entirely using numbers, measurements, and GIS software.  

We use the USGS LandSat satellite to visualize the landscape on land and NOAA's bathymetry data to visualize the elevation and topography of the sea floor.   The famous Space Shuttle Radiometric Topographic Mission, SRTM Data, is used to gather the elevation height for the land.   With the data, we applied a hill shade to visualize the shading effects (at 3 p.m. every where on Earth).  This is most visible in the largest mountain regions around the world. 

Map Features:

✪ Modern Geography with current political boundaries
✪ Labeled USA States and Major Cities
✪ All 63 US National Parks 
✪ Cartographic illustrations and historic commentary
✪ Current Wonders of the World
✪ Over 100 fascinating places on Earth
▲ Detailed Terrains for Mountains
✪ Elevation, Topography, and Landscape Modeling
▲Tallest Peaks on every continent

✪ Ocean elevation and sea floor modeling
✪ Labeled Oceanic Tectonic Ridges and Basins
✪ Labeled Major Ocean Currents and Trade Winds

Applications:  World Map Wallpaper, Wall Covering, GIANT Wall Map, Conference Rooms, Offices, Lobbies, Homes and large spaces. 

A Great Gift for:  Teachers, Businesses, Corporate Gift, Travelers, and geography enthusiasts.  The content is recommended for adults and youth who would like to learn more about the world. 

Optionally Personalize your map:  You can make it your own by adding a custom title, subtitle, legend, and our unique map compass.  We can apply a company logo to your map.  Please write a note in the "Order Notes" to contact you for the file.

Wall Decal:   This is a high end fabric material that is suited for covering large wall spaces.  We use special latex inks to provide rich color depth.  Instructions are included.  

Wall Decal as a Pin Map:  Apply the map to a large sheet of Gatorboard or Foam Core that is 1/2" of depth before attaching it to your wall.  Gatorboard or Foam Core can be purchased from local 'Professional Printer' shops. 

Production and Shipping Times: The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map. See Production & Shipping.

Quality and Guarantee:  We stand behind our work and guarantee the construction and quality.  Contact us if you have any problems with your map.