Big Ten Teams, College Football Map (2024 Teams)


About the Map:

Experience the gridiron glory of the Big Ten Conference like never before with our Big Ten College Football Map – a stunning tribute to the rich history, fierce rivalries, and iconic stadiums that define one of the most prestigious conferences in collegiate sports.

Dynamic Design: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Big Ten football with a map that beautifully showcases the distinctive logos and team colors of each member school. From the Scarlet and Gray of Ohio State to the maize and blue of Michigan, the map captures the essence of each university's pride.

Conference Landscape: Explore the geographical layout of the Big Ten Conference, from the heart of the Midwest to the East Coast. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a newcomer to the excitement, this map provides a comprehensive view of the conference's footprint.

Stadium Showcases: Get a front-row seat to the excitement of Big Ten football stadiums. Each iconic venue is highlighted on the map, allowing you to visualize the hallowed grounds where historic moments and unforgettable games unfold.

Teams: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers, UCLA, USC, Washington, Wisconsin.

Perfect Gift for Fans: Elevate the gameday experience for fans, alumni, and sports enthusiasts with the Big Ten College Football Map. It's an ideal gift that blends team pride with a visually stunning display, perfect for any fan cave, office, or living space.

Whether you bleed your team's colors or simply revel in the excitement of college football, our Big Ten College Football Map is more than a decorative piece – it's a visual celebration of tradition, sportsmanship, and the indomitable spirit of the Big Ten Conference. Elevate your fan experience, relive the triumphs, and proudly display your allegiance with our Big Ten College Football Map.

What Fun! This stunning sports map is for sports enthusiasts who have a quest to visit all of the football stadiums in the Big Ten.

Map Features:

✪ This map shows the locations of all the Big Ten college football stadiums across USA.
✪ The team names, mascots, and stadium names are labeled at each stadium.
✪ Each stadium depicted is sized to scale and accurately oriented to face their true directions!
✪ The framed version includes 15 red map pins to mark your travels.
Poster versions do not include pins - please add them if you would like them.

The icons, U.S. road design, base maps, font styles are original and custom designed by a professional Cartographer/Geographer.

Map Size vs. Outside Dimensions: Our sizing choices specify the size of the map itself. Our frame options will increase the overall size of your final product depending on your selection.

For example:

Maps sized 24 x 16 inches will total 26.5 x 18.5 inches with the frame

Maps sized 30 x 20 inches will total 34 x 24 inches with the frame

Maps sized 36 x 24 inches will total 40 x 28 inches with selection of a 2 inch frame

Maps sized 48 x 32 inches will total 52 x 36 inches with selection of a 2 inch frame

For specific dimensions, see our page on Map Finish Options

Construction:  The map is constructed as a high quality push pin map. Choose either Photo Satin Paper or Canvas. For additional comparisons, check out our video shown in the "Map Finish Options" section to the right on desktop or below on mobile.

The Satin Photo Paper Finish offers a modern and smooth surface for pinning. We mount the map on a high quality pin board using heavy machinery for a lasting bound.

For our Canvas Finish, we use premium cotton blend canvas, using archival inks, and finish the map with a protective coating that provides a satin sheen. We mount the map on a high quality pin board for a lasting bound.

Our frames are Made in the USA and produced exclusively for our maps.