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City Wall Map of Barcelona Spain

Beautiful framed push pin map displays the unique network of city streets, canals, landscape, and water features of Barcelona. This impressive map has an abstract quality and reveals the patterns and the intricate layout of the city. The fun artwork is a delight to explore! Buy any 2 Push Pin City Maps get 1 free!


  • Case of 500 Map Pins
  • Mounted Map on Pin Board
  • Beautifully Framed: 100% Crafted in the USA High Quality Frames
  • Hanging Hardware and ready to enjoy
  • Heavy-duty packaging and shipped in very large boxes to your doorstep. Shipping is covered with your order (in the continental USA.)

Barcelona: known for being the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is celebrated for its impressive Gothic Quarter, exceptional football teams, and world-renowned architecture by Antoni Gaudi. Bring The City of Counts (Ciudad Condal) to life with with our brand new Barcelona Map. The highly detailed roads, railways, trails, rivers and more will give you a fresh outlook on your favorite city. Choose between different map styles, frames, and custom titles.

Map Cartography:  

At GeoJango, we are experts in GIS mapping and developing products of the highest quality display. We design each of our unique styles by programming thousands of layers within each map. Each map art print is created using open street maps, a comprehensive world-wide database of roads, streets, and other features. In turn, our maps are the most accurate, high-quality, and stylish on the market.

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We can customize the title area with a title, subtitle, quote, legend, coordinates. Write what you would like customized in the Order Notes and we will provide a proof for your review within 1-2 business days!

Businesses, Hotels, Vacation Homes, AirBnB Guest Homes:

Delight your guests and customers with a beautiful map of your city! We can add special icons for your location. We can also add points-of-interests.  Contact us if you would like to add POI and icons to the map for a custom quote.

Shipping and Production: the maps are produced within 3 business days of your order and after you approve your proofs. Shipping time from CA runs 2-5 days anywhere in the continental USA. The maps are individually wrapped and shipped in a very large box to your doorstep. We cover the large shipping costs with your order.

Map Color Styles:

Toner - This map is our classic black and white style. Water is in black.

Pencil - a simplistic, etched pencil design is a classic. Water is in white and includes a special wave pattern.

Night - A dramatic display of the city network at night using blacks and whites.

Retro - The retro map colors highlight water features, parks, and the street network. Major roads are stylized.  

Ganymede - Named after Jupiter’s largest moon. This map includes topography so you can see the city street network, plus the terrain and elevations in muted blue and teal tones.

A Perfect Gift for: Avid travelers, city lovers, and geography enthusiasts. This is the perfect wedding, graduation, or job promotion gift for everyone!

Applications: Decorate your home, office, apartment, or Airbnb with the city you live in, one you’ve traveled to, or as inspiration for your next adventure. This is the ideal custom hospitality wall art for hotels, vacation rentals, local businesses, and more!

Construction: Each city map is individually printed-on-demand as Fine Art, Museum quality production. We mount the map on a high-quality pin board using heavy machinery for a lifelong bound. The map is beautifully framed and hanging hardware is assembled so it is ready to hang and enjoy.

Materials Note: No glass or acrylic glazing. The production is a museum-style mounted map that does not need glass and is very impressive. Use as a push pin map or as wall art.  (FAQ: map pins holes are too small to see if any are removed.)

Guarantee of Quality

We stand behind our work and guarantee the highest level of construction and quality. Contact us if you have any problems with your map, and we will coordinate to ensure you are happy with your order.

History of the City

The history of Barcelona, Spain, is a captivating journey that spans over two thousand years, reflecting the city's rich cultural heritage, architectural marvels, and its role as a global hub of art, commerce, and innovation. From its Roman origins to its status as a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis, Barcelona's history is a testament to its enduring charm and influence.

Founded as "Barcino" by the Romans in the 1st century BC, the city's strategic location along the Mediterranean coast facilitated trade and communication with other parts of the Roman Empire. The remnants of the Roman walls, discovered in various parts of the city, serve as a reminder of its ancient past.

Over the centuries, Barcelona faced various challenges and influences, from the Visigothic and Moorish occupations to the medieval period of Catalan-Aragonese expansion. The 15th century marked the zenith of Barcelona's prosperity as a maritime and trading power within the Mediterranean, with its merchant fleet and skilled artisans contributing to its economic growth.

In the 19th century, Barcelona's history took a turn with the onset of industrialization and the rise of modernist architecture. The city's iconic architect, Antoni Gaudí, left an indelible mark on its skyline with landmarks such as the Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell. The Catalan Modernism movement, of which Gaudí was a part, embodied Barcelona's artistic and cultural vibrancy during this era.

The 20th century brought political and social upheaval to Barcelona. The Spanish Civil War, from 1936 to 1939, had a significant impact on the city, and the ensuing decades under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco suppressed Catalan identity and autonomy. The 1992 Summer Olympics served as a turning point for Barcelona, revitalizing its infrastructure, economy, and international reputation.

Today, Barcelona stands as a modern and diverse metropolis that embraces its history while looking toward the future. Its cultural scene is rich and dynamic, with world-class museums like the Museu Picasso and the Fundació Joan Miró showcasing artistry from different periods. La Rambla, a bustling boulevard lined with shops, cafes, and street performers, is a symbol of Barcelona's lively spirit.

Barcelona's history is also shaped by its vibrant neighborhoods. The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) features medieval architecture and narrow alleys, while the Eixample district boasts modernist landmarks. The neighborhood of El Raval has transformed from a gritty area to a cultural hub, reflecting the city's evolving identity.

Barcelona's culinary scene is a reflection of its diverse history. From traditional Catalan cuisine to contemporary fusion dishes, the city's restaurants and markets offer a gastronomic journey that pays homage to its Mediterranean roots.

In conclusion, the history of Barcelona is a captivating narrative of growth, resilience, and cultural brilliance. From its Roman beginnings to its status as a global cultural and artistic hub, Barcelona's journey embodies the spirit of creativity, identity, and progress. Its ability to preserve its historical heritage while embracing modernity makes it a city that continues to inspire and captivate people from all around the world.