Kids USA Geography Activity Book:


Learn, Explore, & Play - a trip around the USA


Order additional Activity Books to accompany our Kids USA Adventure Game Bundle. Multiples are available for siblings and classmates.

Ages:  This workbook is ideal for ages 5 to 12 years old's and fun for the entire family!

    The Activity Book:  Learn, Explore, & Play A Trip Around the USA by GeoJango

    The impressive 25-page Activity Book is beautifully illustrated.  It includes fun activities to keep the whole family challenged.  You’ll discover more details about your specific home State, practice your seeking skills by finding details on the map, match States to their capitals, untangle word scrambles and much more! You’ll be a true geography expert!


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    Geography Education Material ideal for: 


    This bundle will make a great addition to your homeschool supplies allowing your students the freedom and fun of learning geography details about the USA.

    Montessori Geography Materials:   

    Geography is the most all-encompassing subject in the Montessori "cultural curriculum." It creates the foundation for understanding spatial awareness, proximity, distances, differences, and similarities around the world. 

    Elementary Schools:

    Specifically targeted to engage elementary age students, this map, game, and activity book would be the perfect supplement to any elementary classroom. Students will delight at the details provided in the map and book and will enjoy engaging and learning with their peers. 

    Kids Educational Programs: 

    Use the Kids Map and Game is a variety of activities to engage young explorers to learn more about the USA!