3D Map of the Moon, Solar System Space Artwork


3D Map of the Moon, Solar System Space Artwork

ABOUT THE MAP:  Using high-resolution data from NASA, this map was created to visualize the mysterious and fascinating terrain on the surface of the moon. 

The colors in the terrain illustrate the elevations (Darkest blues=lowest points to Whites=mid-terrain height, Dark Greys=highest terrain height.)

The map intricately labels each crater, lunar sea, and Apollo landing locations, including the first landing of Apollo 11.

This new map reveals the moon's sensational topography riddled with craters, canyons, and seas. The map was created from point elevation data and then transformed into contours to reveal the ground elevation on the bright side of the moon. Every contour and color in this image illustrates the shape and elevation of the natural landscape.

As once quoted by Leonardo da Vinci:  Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.  
Simplicity also brings forth complexity.  The patterns on the moon reveal the formation and history of the moon's terrain.

3D Map: In this map, you can also explore the terrain in 3D using Chomadepth glasses. The artwork looks great on its own but uses the glasses to reveal the height of the peaks and surface in relation to the depths of the craters.

It is fun and fascinating for all ages. When on display, this map grabs people's attention the most as folks enjoy exploring the image in 3D.

Created by Professionals: The map was created and produced by a professional Geographer / Research Scientist using data gathered by NASA. The map is created with highly accurate data and interpolated with professional GIS mapping software.

Map Size vs. Outside Dimensions:

For the 24x16 inch map, the frame dimensions = 26.5x18.5 inches.
For the 30x20 inch map, the frame dimensions = 34x24 inches.
For the 36x24 inch map, the frame dimensions = 40x28 inches.
For the 48x32 inch map, the frame dimensions = 51x35 inches. 

Fine Art Production:  We produce the map as museum-quality artwork using archival inks, and professional-grade materials.  Choose either Photo Satin Paper or Canvas. 

The Satin Photo Paper Finish offers a modern and smooth surface for pinning.  We mount the map on a high-quality pin board using heavy machinery for a lasting bound.

For our Canvas Finish, we use premium cotton blend canvas, using archival inks, and finish the map with a protective coating that provides a satin sheen.  We mount the map on a high-quality pin board for a lasting bound.

Our frames are Made in the USA and produced exclusively for our maps. 

Canvas Wraps:  custom made with high-quality cotton canvas, sanded pine frame, and sturdy Gatorboard that helps protect the image for decades of use. Hanging hardware is included and ready to hang.

Production and Shipping Times:  2 business days production time.  Shipping time in the continental USA runs 2-5 business days. See Production & Shipping.

Quality and Guarantee:  We stand behind our work and guarantee the construction and quality.  Contact us if you have any problems with your map and we will coordinate to ensure you are very happy with your purchase.