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Map of USA with Capitals - Framed Map & Game Cards - Great for Classrooms

The Framed version includes the 51 Explorer Card Set.

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About the creation of the map:

Embark on an exciting educational journey with our Kids USA Adventure Map – a vibrant and interactive tool designed to ignite the spirit of exploration in young minds. This map isn't just a visual delight; it's an engaging learning experience that introduces children to the wonders of the United States in a fun and interactive way.

The USA Map was created by a team at GeoJango that took over a year to create! The information was compiled for our resident Geographer and owner of the company, Debbie Dennison, MGIS, GISP, along with a talented artist, Mark Shreck who hand drew all of the beautiful illustrations for the map and cards. The research to compile all of the official state symbols was gathered by our Product Navigator, Heidi Giancola and thoroughly reviewed for our educational director, Jenna Stroope (MS in Education).

Our goal was to create an impressive map that is fun to explore and engaging.  

We created a set of Explorer Cards to accompany the map. Each card represents a state on the map and provides information about the shape of the state, capital, state name. On the back of the card, state symbols are featured (state bird, animal, flower, and a state landmark). The cards can be used as a game to help seek and find the information. People can test their knowledge of each state and learn more about the USA!

Production and Shipping Times: The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map. See Production & Shipping.

The USA Illustrated Map Features:

State Names: Immerse your child in the geography of the United States as they explore the map's colorful and clear display of State Names. From the sunny shores of California to the historic charm of Massachusetts, each state comes to life with its own unique identity.

State Capitals: Elevate your child's knowledge with the inclusion of State Capitals. Turn learning into an adventure as they discover the political and cultural hubs that anchor each state.

Major Cities: Foster a sense of curiosity as your child identifies Major Cities on the map. From bustling metropolises to charming towns, each city becomes a landmark on its journey of discovery.

Major Water Bodies: Dive into the aquatic world with the depiction of Major Water Bodies. Let your child explore the lakes, rivers, and oceans that shape the landscape of the United States, creating a visual connection with the nation's diverse waterways.

State Symbols:

🐦 State Bird: Encourage a love for wildlife as your child discovers the State Birds of each region. From the majestic Bald Eagle to the colorful Northern Cardinal, each bird is a symbol of the natural beauty found across the United States.

🐾 State Animal: Ignite a passion for zoology as your child encounters the State Animals on the map. Whether it's the agile White-Tailed Deer or the playful Bottlenose Dolphin, these animals become companions on their virtual journey.

🌺 State Flower: Cultivate an appreciation for botany with the depiction of State Flowers. From the delicate Dogwood to the vibrant Bluebonnet, each flower adds a burst of color and beauty to the map.

🗽 State Icons (Significant Features of Each State): Spark your child's curiosity with State Icons – visual representations of the Significant Features of each state. Whether it's the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York or the stunning Grand Canyon in Arizona, these symbols make learning geography an adventure.

This Kids USA Adventure Map is not just a tool for learning; it's a gateway to exploration and discovery. Watch as your child engages with the map, pinning their favorite animals, discovering new cities, and embracing the rich tapestry of the United States. Make learning a joyous adventure with our Kids USA Adventure Map – where education meets excitement.


Our illustrated USA Map is a fun and engaging map to help learn more about the USA! This vibrant United States Kids Map features state symbol illustrations, state capitals, and insights into the overall geography of the USA.

This is our special framed and mounted edition. The map is mounted on Fine Art Board and nicely framed. The map does not have glass - the mounting process provides a nice surface that can be touched.

Select a frame of your choice: Black, White, White Washed, Walnut, Espresso, and Barnwood Grey

Production time: 2-3 business days from date of order.

Standard shipping time: 2-5 business days from California.

Every inch of this map is covered with educational information, and every time you look, you will find something new to discover. This map is perfect for learning state symbols including: the capital, bird, animal, and flower. Give your child the opportunity to learn more about the USA with our Hip Hip Hooray for the USA Map!