What’s the differences between scratch off maps and pin board maps?

When comparing a scratch off and pin board map, there are many things to consider. Both maps can be used to track your travels but the similarities end there. We help spotlight the differences so you can make an informed decision when buying a map.  

How the map will be used:

GeoJango Pin Maps are mounted on a pin board and framed. They are used as home decor and can act as a center piece for any room. Push pins help record memories of travel and events for families or individuals. They are easily inserted anywhere on the map and can be used again and again. Colored pins can represent different people, events or specific journeys.

Pin Map Example Uses: 

  • Track individual or group travel with a specific color

  • Mark a planned journey or a "Bucket List" trip

  • Record your family heritage

Scratch off maps are a poster and require an additional investment in time and money to make them presentable. They often become defaced over time as they are used.

Scratch off maps are designed to have a topical layer scratched off. They leave paint chips which requires additional cleanup.

Maps are Referencing Information:

Pin Maps can (depending upon the map maker) feature rich geographical information and detailed labeling.

Scratch off maps are designed to hide geography with the scratch paint which limits geographical referencing. The underlying geography is also limited.

Push Pin Maps: how you mark your travels

detailed world map
  1. Pin Maps allow people to place a pin at specific locations such as cities or famous landmarks. See examples here.

  2. Map pins allow people to color code their travels.

  3. Map pins allow people to track sea voyages.

  4. The colored pins can be organized to illustrate different travels by time or person.

  5. The entire family can participate in pinning their travels on a single map.

Scratch Off Maps: how you mark your travels

scratch off map
  1. Scratch off maps can have limiting reference information. You scratch off the entire country, which can be significant areas such as Canada, China, or Russia to indicate a visit.

  2. Scratch off maps are limited to land areas. If plotting a cruise on a scratch map, this may be hard.

  3. Overall look of a scratch map: Scratch off maps can leave scratches of the scratch off area.

The bottom line:  

Scratch maps are ideal for: a low cost map, fun scratching activities, and learning about the geography of countries.

Push Pin Maps are ideal for: home decor, tracking travels, and referencing comprehensible geographical information.

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