Caribbean Islands Map Vintage Design with Modern Geography and Oceanography - Fine Art Print


Caribbean Islands Map Wall Decor Print

Fine Art Parchment / Textured Rag Production

Size:  30x20 inches


Our beautiful Caribbean Sea Map was created using both antique (old world) cartography methods and modern geography and scientific data!  We used massive datasets that measured the depth of the seafloor and land elevations to create the map.  In this map you can explore the pattern of the seafloor - noting the deepest depths, the oceanic current patterns, and island formation in the Caribbean.   

The cartographic design includes rhumb lines that illustrate directions and distances in the map.  Rhumb lines add a geometric design element that provides an organized grid layout that assists navigators in their sailing.  The map includes a very special compass that was inspired by a design back in the 1450s when elaborate colors and concentric designs highlighted the beauty and workmanship of the map.  Sea monster and nautical designs are also featured throughout the map.  This type of cartographic elements dates back to circa 1550s - 1750s during the height of exploring the mysteries of the ocean seas. 

The red border that surrounds the map is a special cartographic design that was also inspired by cartographic artistry.  The jeweled-red border was intricately hand-drawn and was inspired by the art of cartography of the 1550s - 1700s.

  • CARIBBEAN MAP: Identifies all Caribbean island nations and detailed geography
  • NAUTICAL MAP WALL ART: Our Caribbean Map is made using GIS and NOAA Oceanography Data. This is a new map that shows the beautiful topography of the ocean depths and island formations.
  • OCEANOGRAPHY: Accurate ocean elevation details includes basins, trenches, plateaus, and depth markers

Limited Edition, Special Fine Art - Vintage Style Production:  This beautiful map is produced with archival inks on a medium-weight parchment / cotton-rag paper.  This technique provides a beautiful old-world finish that has texture.  The finish is matte to eliminate reflections and to provide enhanced visualization of the intricate features and ocean depths.

Want a framed version? Click here to see our Framed Caribbean Map.

About the Geography and Data Science:

  • GIS TECHNOLOGY: Scientifically Created using Remote Sensing Technology
  • GEOGRAPHY: Map features Southern Florida, The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands and all of the island nations
  • OCEANOGRAPHY:  NOAA Bathometry complied from sonar to map the topography of the ocean floor.    

Highlights of this unique Caribbean Map: 

This map is a blend of modern science (oceanography and satellite data that illustrates the terrain on land) and historic cartography artistry.  After years of research of historic maps, we were inspired to make a new map based on ancient techniques.  

▲ Beautiful calligraphy and artwork of sea monsters and ships that are inspired from historic maps and masterpieces.  

▲ Accurate oceanic elevation details includes basins, trenches, plateaus, and depth markers
▲ Detailed island labeling, including the Florida Keys
▲ Major cities
▲ All Island Countries surrounding the Caribbean Sea

▲ Major ocean currents and arrows showing the direction of the currents

Use this map to track your travels throughout the Caribbean islands! Place push pins into the locations you've visited or the ones that are still on your bucket list. 

Production and Shipping Times: The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map. In the continental USA, the map should be delivered within 3 to 7 days.

About GeoJango Maps:

MADE IN THE USA: Fine Art Map Production and Archival Inks

USA Small Business: this map is made by a GIS Scientist and production staff in our GeoJango Office located in Pleasanton, CA