Below are the various options we offer for customizing your World Map.

Custom World Map Titles & Fonts

The first choice presented to a user is whether they would like to create custom titles. Many people put their individual, family or business name here to highlight what the map represents.

custom world map

Here are some common title examples:

  • Our Adventures (title), Kristen & Joshua (subtitle)

  • The James Family Adventures (title), Life Is A Journey Best Traveled Together (subtitle)

  • Travel Wide (title), Cherish The Memories (subtitle)

We also offer multiple font types that can be used to style the title and subtitle.

custom world map
World Push Pin Map

Custom World Map Compass

Users can place text within the compass at the bottom left corner of their map (world maps only). Many users place a short quote into this section as well as an established date (Est.) to indicate when the couple started dating or got married.

It is also common for users to place their family name in the compass.

World Push Pin Map

Custom World Map Legend

A legend is a guide that tells which pin colors match specific travels. Legends are perfect for anyone wanting to track the travels of multiple individuals.

Let's say that your family has traveled to three countries together, you've personally traveled to five and your spouse has traveled to four. Legends help you keep track of these distinctions and allow for greater flexibility when tracking multiple adventures.  

World Push Pin Map
World Push Pin Map

Now that you've seen examples of the World Map customization options, you can head over to our World Map catalog and begin creating your World Push Pin Map today.