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Correct Answer: C) Texas

This Week's Travel Trivia!

Question: The Katy Freeway, the widest road in the US, is in which state?

FUN FACTS:  Did you know that the Katy Freeway, officially known as Interstate 10, stretches a whopping 41 miles from downtown Houston to Katy, making it one of the longest urban freeways in the US? But its length isn't the only impressive feature. With a mind-boggling 26 lanes at its widest point, including unique reversible HOV lanes, this freeway is a traffic marvel. You won't believe that it underwent a mind-blowing expansion project that cost a staggering $2.8 billion, transforming it from a congested six-lane road to an engineering wonder. And let's not forget its connection to the historic Katy Railroad, giving it its unique name.

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