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Custom Wallpaper Maps

and Maps for Businesses

We offer custom wallpaper maps for any industry. Whether you work in retail or real estate, a high quality wall map from GeoJango will help you display locations that are essential to your business.

Custom Wallpaper Maps

We offer custom wallpaper maps for any industry. Whether you work in retail or real estate, a high quality wall map from GeoJango will help you display locations that are essential to your business.

custom wallpaper map

Wall Maps For Any Industry

Looking for a custom wallpaper map for your office building, restaurant, retail space, hotel, or vacation rental? You have come to the right place! We have extensive experience creating accurate and beautiful maps that can act as the focal point of any room.

Our products are made with durable coverings that are easy to apply.    

We have experience creating custom wall maps for the following industries:

Whether you are a startup or an established business, impress your customers and staff with an impactful map display. Use a corporate wallpaper map to spice up your office walls and to display locations that are essential to your business. Create a custom mural to theme a conference room for a quarterly or annual event!

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Showcase your sales territory and display the most popular neighborhoods with a real estate wallpaper map. We can help you highlight sites that are important to clients such as schools, parks, shopping centers, transportation options, and much more.

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We can help design a stunning wallpaper map for your restaurant so that your customers always have something to look at while enjoying their meal. Showcase a giant map of your community! Theme your restaurant with cultural geography: Display maps of countries for example: Italy, Ireland, Germany, Japan, China. For Sports Bars, we can create a giant wall sized USA map of team locations. Theme your micro-brewery with cultural geography and sports maps.

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Our hospitality and tourism wallpaper maps allow you to share the best insights into your city without having to speak a word. Showcase popular restaurants, landmarks, museums, shopping centers, and much more with a custom tourism wall map.

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Let us help you design a custom wall maps for sales and marketing. Display strategic geography that is important to your business by adding a map of your sales territories, customer demographics, or your physical locations.

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Display impactful and informative maps for sporting events, races, marathons, tours, corporate events, conferences.

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Real Estate


Hospitality & Tourism


Giant Maps for Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops

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Real Estate & Marketing Maps

Map Wallpaper from Satellite Imagery

satellite imagery wall map

Large Format: City Maps

What project would you like to start?

Why Work With Us?

Easy Customization

Tell us about your project and we'll coordinate so that everything is created to your specifications. Need help with ideas? We can guide you along the way!

Professional Cartography

Our maps are designed by a geographer and cartographer using professional GIS and Remote Sensing technology.

Made In The USA

We're located in Pleasanton, California. We are dedicated to helping you and making an awesome map!

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Wallpaper Map FAQ

How does the process work?

You can simply contact us through the form below with your idea for a custom wall map project. We will review your specifications and will touch back with a quote within 2 business days. After the order is placed, a set of proofs will be prepared for you to review.

How long does it take to receive the map?

The timing depends on the complexity of the map and your specifications. After the map is approved, we need 2 to 4 business days to prepare your map and package it for shipping. Shipping time in the continental USA is generally 2 to 5 business days. We ship the map from Pleasanton, CA. If you have a specific timeline in mind, please let us know.

What custom options are allowed?

We can accommodate almost any custom options that you can think of. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Your business name & logo
  • Custom quote or slogan
  • Locations where your business operates
  • Nearby points of interest

What material can I choose for my wall map?

We use two of the most durable wallpaper materials available. Both are removable and can be repositioned.

Fabric Wallpaper: This is a tight-weave poly-blend fabric that has a light texture. We use archival and fade-resistant ink so the maps are vivid, durable, and designed to last for decades. The fabric can be applied to any wall and then removed at a later point without harming the wall. The fabric has an adhesive backing that you peel off.

Semi-Gloss Smooth Wallpaper:  This is a super smooth paper with an adhesive backing that you peel off. The semi-gloss coating gives a beautiful sheen and brilliance to any room.

Where is GeoJango Maps located?

We are located in Pleasanton, CA (just east of San Francisco). All of the materials that go into our maps are produced entirely in the United States.

Is GeoJango Maps a small business?

Yes we are a small business. All of our maps are produced by hand in our studio, which is located in Pleasanton, CA (just east of San Francisco). All materials that go into the production of our maps are made entirely in the United States.

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