1. Custom Title

You can personalize the title of your map. Pick from a list of pre-selected titles created by our artists, or write your own!


Popular USA Map Titles

 Popular World Map Titles

Our Adventures (Line 1)
Jordan & Jessica (Line 2)
Matthew McConaughey (Line 1)
Est. 2016 (Line 2)
Explore America Not all who wander as lost ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
The United States of America No title (the title is removed)
The Madison Family Adventures Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein
The Willshire's (Line 1 - Script)
Since August 30, 1991 (Line 3 - Script)
The World Travels (Line 1)
of (Line 2)
Benjamin Franklin (Line 3)
Cruising America The World



2. Custom Font

Customize the font on your USA or World Map. Choose a single font, or a font combo:

Single Fonts: Refined Script, Colonial, Fun Script, or Explorer

Font Combo #1: Refined Scipt + Colonial

Font Combo #2: Fun Script + Explorer



3. Custom Compass Rose

Add a custom compass rose to your map.
Include your name, the year your family was established, your wedding date, and more! View some examples here:



4. Custom Legend

Create a custom legend for your pin map!
Create a title for the legend, and pick up to four categories.