Map of Ireland | Framed Wall Map


The Best Wall Map of Ireland

The Best Wall Map of Ireland:

Discover the beauty of Ireland in a whole new way with our Push Pin Wall Map of Ireland. This meticulously crafted map combines artistry with functionality to bring the Emerald Isle to life on your wall. Whether you're a traveler, history enthusiast, or just a lover of geography, this map is the perfect addition to your home or office decor.

Key Features:

Detailed Cartography: Our map showcases the intricate details of Ireland's geography, including cities, towns, rivers, lakes, ferry routes, borders, capital, and major roads. It provides an accurate representation of the island's topography, making it both visually appealing and educational. This map includes the geography of Northern Ireland.

Classic Design Palette: The map features a soft color palette that captures Ireland's landscapes, blue coastlines, and the many shades in between. The classic style is fits any decor and is a beautiful piece of wall art.

Customizable with Push Pins: The Framed version of the map is professionally mounted into a pinboard and comes with a case of 500 push pins, allowing you to mark your favorite destinations, dream travel spots, or important memories. Use different colors to signify visited places, bucket list destinations, and more.

Educational and Decorative: The Map of Ireland serves both as a decorative piece and an educational tool. It's perfect for geography lessons, travel planning, or simply sparking conversations about Ireland's beauty and culture.

Perfect Gift: This map makes an ideal gift for friends, family members, or coworkers who have a connection to Ireland or a passion for travel. It's a thoughtful present for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Ireland and create a personalized map of your adventures with our Push Pin Wall Map of Ireland. Order yours today and embark on a journey of exploration, all from the comfort of your own space. Transform your wall into a canvas of memories and dreams, where every pin tells a unique story about your Irish adventures.


 Quality Materials: We take pride in using high-quality materials for our maps. This map is printed on durable, premium paper or canvas, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The print quality is sharp and clear, enhancing the map's overall aesthetic.

 Multiple Sizes: Choose the size that best fits your space. Whether you want a small map to accent a cozy corner or a large statement piece for your living room, we offer various size options to suit your needs.

Easy to Hang: The framed maps are designed for easy hanging. It comes with mounting hardware and clear instructions, making it hassle-free to display on your wall.

Production and Shipping Times: The amount of time it takes for your map to arrive depends on where you live and how fast you approve the proof if you’ve ordered a custom map. See Production & Shipping.

Quality and Guarantee: We stand behind our work and guarantee the construction and quality. Contact us if you have any problems with your map and we will coordinate to ensure you are very happy with your purchase.

Map Size vs. Outside Dimensions: Our sizing choices specify the size of the map itself. Our frame options will increase the overall size of your final product depending on your selection.

For example:

Maps sized 24 x 24 inches will total 25.75 x2.75 inches with the frame

Maps sized 32 x 32 inches will total 33.75 x 33.75 inches with the frame

Ready to Hang: The map is available as a canvas wrap or Framed Map with hanging hardware attached and ready to hang and enjoy right away.
We prepare the map using Fine Art Gilcee production techniques. The map is printed with archival inks on Fine Art Matte Finish paper for a museum-quality finish.