Removable Map Gem Stickers - Add on item


Removable Map Stickers instead of Push Pins

Our map gems add extra fun to the map and an extra sparkle!  

The Map Gems are perfect for RV Maps or posters and wonderful alternative to map pins. 

Get creative with your gem placement and find unique ways to display your travels and  future adventures!  

IMPORTANT:  The gem stickers MUST ship with a map.  Otherwise, $3.99 shipping will be required. 

Quantity: There are 56 gems per packet

Size: Each individual gem is 6 millimeters (diameter)

Materials:  Acrylic Plastic

Available Colors: 


Note:  the Clear color is no longer available.

Sticker type:  permanent sticker (non-removable)

Please note, if you are using Build A Map to design your map, you will need to purchase the Gem Stickers separately in another order.  We will match your orders so they ship together.   We apologize for this extra step when using Build A Map.

For all other orders, you can add the Gem Stickers to any order without a second transaction.