Gold Map Push Pins

$12.00 $20.00

Get creative with your gold push pins! Make trails with them to mark your cruises, hikes, or train rides. Use large and small map pins to symbolize different destination types. Use specific colors to mark special spots or to add a little sparkle to your map. Use the pins to create a geography game on our maps with your kids. Let us know how you decide to use them!

A package of 50 Map Pins is provided in a PLASTIC BAG (not priced out with the acrylic container)
A package of 100 or more Map Pins includes the special acrylic container with screw on lid - perfect for securing map pins.

Made in the USA by the original factory that invented them in 1899.  Plus we include a fantastic acrylic container that makes it easy to select your map pins.  

The plastic balls on the pins are approx. 1/9 inch in diameter. The steel pin shaft is approx. 1/3 inch long. Total Length is approximately 1/2 inch long

**Caution: The Map Pins are not intended for young children. Use with care.


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