Map of the World Labeled for Kids - Purple Edition Poster


Map of the World Labeled for Kids

Features Bright Colors for Kids Room

Our World Map for Kids - Purple Edition is an extraordinary world map poster created to help children learn about geography and discover our wonderful world! The map is designed with vivid colors and a fun Seuss title.

While our kids maps are beautiful, they are also filled with educational material. This stunning map for kids is the result of months of cartographic and geographic research by a professional cartographer using professional GIS software. This map includes geographical and historical commentary, sea life illustrations, Wonders of the World, and all the traditional world map details. 

Have fun with your child finding the deepest spot in the ocean, the tallest peak in the world, where manta rays love to hang out, and much much more!

Available As A Framed Map: If you would like a framed version of this product, see Framed World Map For Kids - Purple Edition

Kids World Map Features:
✪ Sea life illustrations
✪ Geographic and historic commentary
✪ Wonders of the World (Amazing Places)

And all the traditional world map details:
✪ Countries
✪ Major Rivers (Labeled)
✪ U.S.A. state names
✪ Canadian and Australian territory names
✪ Oceanic names, seas, and accurate ocean terrain shading