US National Parks Checklist

National Parks have been open to the American public since 1872, starting with the nation's first national park: Yellowstone. How many National Parks are there? Currently there are 63 national parks, with the latest park being added in December 2020: New River Gorge, located in West Virginia. The National Parks preserve and highlight special places that hold significant status throughout the geography of the USA. They are our natural treasures and each location is worthy of getting to know in order to learn more about its history, geography and significance to our nation.  

With so many destinations to choose from, we decided to put together a US National Parks checklist to help anyone track their American adventures. Whether it be a road trip, RV travels, or a weekend getaway, our country's diverse National Parks should be at the top of everyone's travel list.

Download our printable letter (8.5x11") checklist, which organizes each National Park in a list per state, for you to keep track of your travels!

Complete List of National Parks

Tap the headers to sort alphabetically every National Park by name, state, date established, or total visitors in 2023 (default). Data provided by the National Park Service.

Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee 1934 13,297,647
Grand Canyon Arizona 1919 4,733,705
Zion Utah 1919 4,623,238
Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Idaho 1872 4,501,382
Rocky Mountain Colorado 1915 4,115,837
Yosemite California 1890 3,897,070
Acadia Maine 1919 3,879,890
Grand Teton Wyoming 1929 3,417,106
Joshua Tree California 1994 3,270,404
Olympic Washington 1938 2,947,503
Glacier Montana 1910 2,933,616
Cuyahoga Valley Ohio 2000 2,860,059
Indiana Dunes Indiana 2019 2,765,892
Hot Springs Arkansas 1921 2,502,967
Bryce Canyon Utah 1928 2,461,269
Gateway Arch Missouri 2018 2,422,836
New River Gorge West Virginia 2020 1,707,223
Mount Rainier Washington 1899 1,674,294
Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii 1916 1,620,294
Shenandoah Virginia 1935 1,576,008
Arches Utah 1971 1,482,045
Capitol Reef Utah 1971 1,268,861
Death Valley California 1994 1,099,632
Badlands South Dakota 1978 1,046,400
Saguaro Arizona 1994 1,010,906
Sequoia California 1890 980,567
Everglades Florida 1934 810,189
Canyonlands Utah 1964 800,322
Haleakala Hawaii 1961 791,292
Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota 1978 746,862
White Sands New Mexico 2019 729,096
Glacier Bay Alaska 1980 703,659
Mammoth Cave Kentucky 1941 654,450
Kings Canyon California 1940 643,065
Wind Cave South Dakota 1903 592,459
Biscayne Florida 1980 571,242
Crater Lake Oregon 1902 559,976
Petrified Forest Arizona 1962 520,491
Great Sand Dunes Colorado 2004 512,219
Big Bend Texas 1978 509,129
Mesa Verde Colorado 1906 505,194
Denali Alaska 1917 498,722
Lassen Volcanic California 1916 418,978
Redwood California 1968 409,105
Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico 1930 394,121
Kenai Fjords Alaska 1980 387,525
Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado 1999 357,069
Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 1956 343,685
Pinnacles California 2013 341,220
Channel Islands California 1980 328,746
Congaree South Carolina 2003 250,114
Guadalupe Mountains Texas 1966 227,340
Voyageurs Minnesota 1971 220,825
Great Basin Nevada 1986 143,265
Dry Tortugas Florida 1992 84,285
Wrangell-St. Elias Alaska 1980 78,305
North Cascades Washington 1968 40,351
Katmai Alaska 1980 33,763
Isle Royale Michigan 1940 28,965
Kobuk Valley Alaska 1980 17,616
Lake Clark Alaska 1980 16,728
National Park of American Samoa American Samoa (territory) 1988 12,135
Gates of the Arctic Alaska 1980 11,045

National Parks Map

Map of National Parks - John Muir Edition

A topographic National Park travel map that celebrates conservation and natural beauty. "All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild." - John Muir

The John Muir edition physical map of the U.S. features all National Parks (numbered by the order in which they were founded), but focuses on depicting the natural landscape in stunning detail instead of detailing the other NPS travel destinations found in our Explore America series. This map looks especially stunning at large sizes where you can identify each and every mountain range and their peaks - with the tallest peaks labeled along with their elevation. It also features labeling of America’s many regions, landforms, rivers, lakes, major cities, states, and interstate highways.

We build personalized maps with pin boards so that you can use push pins to track places you've been and plan adventures with colored pins!

National Parks Checklist Map

Our goal is to create fantastic maps that feature the geography and gems of the USA! That's why we decided to create US National Parks checklist maps that showcase the locations of every National Park in the United States (along with travel destinations gems and points of interest). You can use one of these checklist maps to keep track of all of National Parks you have visited and plan to visit! The USA checklist and our maps pair up to create a unique gift for any USA and National Park traveler!

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GeoJango USA National Parks Map - Brown Edition
Features of the National Park Map

Our US National Parks Maps are filled with fascinating information about the United States. Within each National Park checklist map you'll find:  

✪ Over 600 National Park Service Sites (63 National Parks plus other sites such as National Monuments, National Trail Systems, and National River Systems that are managed by the National Park Service)

✦Includes all state capitals and over 2,500 major cities & significant locations across the USA

✦Historical cities (O.K. Corral, St. Augustine, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Mackinac Island, Branson, historic western towns, and more)

▲The location of the tallest elevation in every state - numbered from the highest (1 in Alaska) to lowest elevation (50 in Florida)

✦Extraordinary Places (Barringer Crater, Biosphere 2, Golden Gate Bridge, Four Corners, Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls, and more)

✴USA Interstates and Major Rivers

new river gorge 63rd national park

63rd National Park: New River Gorge

New River Gorge was designated as a US National Park on December 27th, 2020. The 63rd national park is located in southern West Virginia. The site was established in 1978 and originally designated as a National River. The new national park boundary accounts for less than 10% of the full New River Gorge National River protected territory.

The area that spans New River Gorge is famous for its impressive scenery, rich cultural history, and popular recreational activities such as rock climbing and whitewater rafting. It is also home to a diverse array of wildlife, some species of which are considered to be extremely rare or endangered. The river itself is approximately 320 miles long and it
flows from South to North.

Best National Parks Video

If you want to see beautiful National Park scenery, take a look at this video that showcases some of the best National Parks in the United States!